A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1362

“Master, I really didn’t lie to you, this is what I heard with my own ears, he knows about you and Lord Nishang, now he is coming to kill you!” Seeing Lin Ziming frowned, the clown thought Lin Ziming disapproved. , Said more anxiously.
At this time, Lin Ziming was almost certain that there must be something wrong with the clown, otherwise he would not answer the wrong question like this. He grabbed the clown’s shoulder and said: “You calm down! Tell me who Thunder is, don’t panic!”
Lin Ziming caught the clown in this way, and he realized it, showing a bitter smile, pointing to his ear, and said: “Master, I am already deaf and can’t hear you. You should type it on your phone and show it to me.” .”
“What?!” Lin Ziming was taken aback. He immediately looked at the clown’s ears. Sure enough, he found that blood was leaking from the clown’s ears. Lin Ziming yelled a few words in the clown’s ears without any response. He immediately became annoyed. Typing on the phone to show the clown: Lei Zhen did it?
Seeing the information, the clown nodded with a wry smile and admitted.
Lin Ziming continued typing: Who is this Thunder?
The clown told Lin Ziming about Lei Ting’s identity. After he finished, he said, “Master, Lei Ting is an unfathomable person. I heard that his true cultivation level is no longer under Jian Rushuang. Moreover, he is very young, only thirty-five years old. , Is an absolute evildoer, Master, you have no chance of winning against him.”
“Thunder…” Lin Ziming chewed the name lightly, his eyes flashed with horror, he was not stupid, and he immediately figured it out. This thunder must be the most recent one. He is in trouble!
Lin Ziming now hears the origins of Thunder, but he has no big surprises, and he is not a low status among the three armies now, and there are only a few people who have hatred with him, and only Zhong Tao, as long as the others are not having brain problems, do Will take the initiative to grudge with him.
Well, the rest, it’s easy to guess, it is the people from the Luo Tian organization!
However, he was a little surprised that Nishang was actually from Thunder.
Lin Ziming thought of something and typed it: What’s wrong with Nishang, right?
The clown said: “What’s the matter with Master Nishang at the moment, but with Lei Ting’s character, once he kills you, he will definitely not let Master Nishang go!”
In Lin Ziming’s mind, the stunning face of neon clothes and that unforgettable experience appeared.
He thought for a while, and typed: Don’t worry, this thunder can’t help me. If it’s better for him to come to me, I would ask him for revenge.
When the clown heard this, he became even more anxious. In his opinion, Lin Ziming could not be Thunder’s opponent, and when Lei Ting was positive, he was completely hitting the stone with a pebble!
After the clown settled down, Lin Ziming immediately began to set up. He was in the dark, and he could feel the hostility of Thunder against him, and sooner or later there would be this battle between them.
Three days have passed, and Lin Ziming has recharged for these three days, and he feels more and more that there will soon be a battle between him and Thunder.
Sure enough, on the fourth day, Lin Ziming cut the ribbon for a new company, and a group of people broke in mightily, hitting people when they saw it, and smashing things when they saw it, making it clear that they were here to smash the venue.
No one is the leader, but the handsome and personable Thunder.
“Who is this person who dares to make trouble on Lin Ziming’s site? Isn’t this afraid of death?”
“Is this a lunatic? Even Lin Ziming dare to offend? You know, now Lin Ziming is not just as simple as the number one master of province g, he is also a school lieutenant with a high authority!”
“We know that Lin Ziming is awesome, and the other party must know it too, but the other party is still here, explaining the identity of the other party. It’s even better than Lin Ziming!”

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