A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1364

Between the two of them looking at each other, they had simply fought, and they felt a little more awe-inspiring in their hearts.
Lei Zhen’s inner activity:’Qin Yuehua’s wild species has great strength and has grown to this level. No wonder he has such courage! ‘Lin Ziming’s inner activity:’ This Lei Zhen’s strength is even higher than Fan Zhengping, and can even catch up with Jian Rushuang. ‘After a simple trial of each other, they all regained their gazes tacitly. They all saw the strength and will of the other party. They all regarded the other party as a mortal enemy, either you die or I live.
Speaking of it, this is the first time they have met, and they are already in such a strong state, as if they were enemies of the previous life.
“Bold! Where did you come out, dare to make trouble on Lin Dong’s site, I think you are living impatiently!”
Immediately, on Lin Ziming’s side, there was a bunch of security guards who came out to drive away. There were more than two hundred people. They held weapons in their hands, staring at them, and surrounded dozens of people in Thunder. As long as Lin Ziming gave an order, they would rush forward. They were beaten up.
These are the security of Lin Ziming’s Aegis Company. Every strength has a master level. Among them, there are more than a dozen or even masters at the peak of the acquired. This strength is already a very powerful force among ordinary people.
But for Lei Zhen’s people, it’s still not enough.
Not to mention Lei Zhen, the supreme powerhouse of Dzogchen in the Innate Realm, right next to him, there are two masters in the fourth stage of the Innate Realm, and any one can sweep Lin Ziming’s side.
Lei Ting looked at Lin Ziming contemptuously, saying in his eyes, your power is rubbish to me.
What he was talking about was the fact that Lin Ziming’s own cultivation base is very high and can cross the world, but his subordinates are still too weak. Not to mention the strong in the fourth stage of the innate realm, even the strong in the third stage of the innate realm. No.
“Lin Ziming, get out for Laozi!”
The middle-aged Yixie next to Lei Zhen, a master of the fourth stage of the Innate Realm, stepped forward, stood up, and shouted loudly. The sound penetrated the sky and covered the audience. For ordinary people, he would even feel pain.
He used a sonic attack, his aura was extremely powerful, and he immediately suppressed Lin Ziming’s aura.
As a master in Lin Ziming’s camp, Jiang Liqun will naturally not show weakness. At this time, he wants to stand up for the first time and serve as a pawn for Lin Ziming.
“Where is Xiaoxiao, I dare to yell here, I think you are impatient!” Jiang Liqun’s voice is also not small, but compared with the other party, he is still a lot worse.
“Hahaha, Lin Ziming, Lin Ziming, you are known as the No. 1 expert in Province G. Just this ability to hide behind an ant?” The other party said disdainfully, and spit on the ground, very contemptuously.
This is Lei Zhen’s move, in Lin Ziming’s view, it is quite naive.
Jiang Liqun still wanted to speak, Lin Ziming had already walked out, patted his shoulder lightly, and said directly to Lei Zhen: “Lei Zhen, you are the Heavenly King of the Southern Territory of the dignified Luotian organization, a master of Innate Realm Great Perfection. The bitch is really naive.”
Lei Zhen squinted his eyes, and he also spoke: “I heard about it a few years ago that Qin Yuehua, a lowly servant, betrayed the Holy King and seduced an ordinary person in the mortal world and gave birth to a wild species. It turned out to be You. You wild species, your life is hard enough to survive till now, even the fellow Jian Rushuang wouldn’t kill you.”
As soon as his words came out, it spread to everyone’s ears, and the expressions of many people suddenly became wonderful.

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