A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1365

Most people don’t know the existence of the Luo Tian organization, and they have not even heard of it, so now they hear Lei Zhen’s words, their expressions are very exciting, full of gossip and curiosity.
In this way, Lin Ziming’s background does not seem to be very glorious?
If he had changed before, Lin Ziming would have been furious when he heard such words, and felt humiliated, but now, he was relieved.
His birth is not something he can decide. Moreover, he does not think he is a wild species, he is the crystallization of his parents’ love, and he does not think that his parents’ love is something that cannot be seen. On the contrary, it is Luo Tian’s organization. Feudal organizations in a civilized society are the ugly things, and things that cannot keep up with the times will sooner or later be eliminated by the times! He didn’t think how long the Luo Tian organization could exist.
Therefore, Lin Ziming not only turned into anger, but showed a smile, and said faintly: “Lei Zhen, seeing you now, I finally know why you are in Luotian, always lowering your sword like frost. Your cultivation is not as good as sword like sword. Shuang, even the restraint is far from it, you will never be able to catch up with Jian Rushuang in your life.”
Ordinary people sounded that Lin Ziming’s words had no destructive power, it was quite weak.
But when it fell into Lei Zhen’s ears, it made the corner of his mouth twitch fiercely twice! His face suddenly became colder, he was obviously poked by Lin Ziming, and his heart suddenly became annoyed.
Sword Rushuang, in Luotian organization, like a big mountain, kept pressing on his head, making him extremely uncomfortable.
This time he came to trouble Lin Ziming. In addition to the cause of the neon clothes, there was another reason, which was Jian Rushuang.
Because Lin Ziming was Jian Rushuang himself, and there was no one to kill, this matter spread to the Luo Tian organization, which has already reduced Jian Rushuang’s prestige a lot. It’s just that Jian Rushuang’s cultivation base is really terrifying, only under the Holy King, so those people dare not show it.
If Lei Zhen can kill Lin Ziming and turn back holding Lin Ziming’s head, he can fiercely slap his sword in the face, and his prestige can definitely be improved by then!
Now in the Luo Tian organization, it is spreading that the old man of the Saint King has been too long to appear. It seems that he has lived for too long and too long, and his life is not much. They are going to pass on the position of the Saint King, and they are from the four major regions of the south, east, north and west. Uranus has a chance.
How tempting is the position of the saint king?
Don’t look at Lei Zhen now as the King of the Southern Territories, with a high position, a woman who has endless money to spend, and enjoys endlessly. However, people’s love is endless. Once he becomes the holy king, his strength will suddenly Many times more! He can also get the resources of the entire Luo Tian organization. At that time, he will break through to the realm of King Kong in no way. It is not impossible.
And now, in Luo Tian organization, besides the holy king, the person with the highest cultivation level is Jian Rushuang. If the old man of the holy king really abdicates, then Jian Rushuang has the greatest chance.
Therefore, Lei Zhen would not be willing to give up such an opportunity. Once Lin Ziming’s head was cut off and given to the old man of Saint King, his chances would be much greater.
In fact, it’s not just him, the other kings of the northwestern regions are also planning this matter.
Because it is not a rumor that the Holy King might abdicate, in recent years, the Holy King has indeed appeared less and less. If they weren’t able to vaguely feel the breath of the Holy King, they would doubt that the Holy King was already dead?
In fact, the old man of the Saint King has lived for too long, too long, but Lei Zhen can be sure that the Saint King has lived for nearly a hundred years!
For nearly a hundred years, what concept is this?
Moreover, the meaning of nearly a hundred years does not mean being born to the present one hundred years old, but being a holy king, breaking through to the realm of the impervious body of the King Kong, for nearly a hundred years. Counting it all up, Sheng Wang himself is at least over a hundred years old.

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