A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1366

Looking at Lin Ziming’s appearance, Lei Zhen had thought of a lot of things in his mind, and he yearned for Lin Ziming’s head even more.
In his opinion, Lin Ziming is no longer a person, but a key, which can help him increase the prestige in the organization, and can also make the holy king even more favored.
Therefore, Lin Ziming must die.
Although Lin Ziming is also in the Innate Realm of Great Perfection, he is not defeated in the realm, but he asked, Lei Zhen really didn’t put Lin Ziming in his eyes.
Because of the same Innate Realm Dzogchen, the gap between them is also very large. Moreover, it has been five years since he entered the Innate Realm Dzogchen. There are countless assassins, not to mention the combat experience.
As for Lin Ziming, it is less than three months to break through the innate realm to achieve great perfection. How can he compare with him?
However, he still underestimated Lin Ziming. If he knew that Lin Ziming had defeated Fan Zhengping not long ago, he would definitely not be so conceited.
“Shit shit! Jian Rushuang is my elder brother, there is no competition between me and him!” Lei Zhen waved his sleeves and said coldly, “Lin Ziming, you wild species, you also want to provoke Jian Rushuang and me. It’s overwhelming! I’m here today to take your life on behalf of the sword. You dare to swallow the heaven and the earth without knowing whether you live or die!”
Thinking of this, Lei Ting was actually quite fortunate. If the Spirit Fruit of Heaven and Earth was grabbed by Jian Rushuang and dedicated to the Holy King, then the Holy King would definitely not consider abdicating so quickly.
He guessed that the Saint King was so eager for Heaven and Earth Spirit Fruit because the life source in his body was not enough, so he wanted to use Heaven and Earth Spirit Fruit to continue his life, but he was intercepted by the fellow Lin Ziming.
However, he immediately felt that it was a waste. A treasure like the Spirit Fruit of Heaven and Earth was actually eaten by a lowly wild plant, and it directly broke through to the innate realm of Dzogchen, and it was really a violent thing!
If he was the one who ate the Spirit Fruit of Heaven and Earth in the first place, then he must now break through to the point that King Kong is not broken.
Lin Ziming looked at him faintly, without too much eye fluctuations. On the contrary, he roughly read Lei Zhen’s mental activities from Lei Zhen’s eyes.
Knowing that Lei Zhen is coming to trouble him now, he has a more personal intention.
“You are not my opponent.” Lin Ziming shook his head and said.
Lei Zhen was taken aback, then burst into laughter, as if he had heard a big joke.
His laughter was louder than that of the middle-aged in the fourth stage of the Innate Realm just now. Layers of sound waves radiated from his mouth and radiated to the audience. After many people heard it, they all Feeling pain in the ears, I quickly covered my ears.
Some people who were getting older and were not in such good health directly couldn’t bear it, and began to scream in pain, and some even fell to the ground.
On Lin Ziming’s side, because of his existence, his people have not been physically harmed.
Jiang Liqun and the others felt the horror of Lei Zhen, and their faces became gloomy, full of worry and fear.

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