A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1368

Lei Zhen narrowed his eyes slightly, and was jealous of Lin Ziming for two points. Just now, even though both of them had tried their best, they also tested the strength of each other.
And Lin Ziming is more excited. Lei Zhen’s strength is very strong, even stronger than Fan Zhengping. He is the strongest opponent he has encountered so far. If he can defeat Lei Zhen, then he is qualified to challenge Jian Rushuang!
“Lin Ziming, you are a little capable, and you don’t disappoint me.” Lei Zhen stood with his hand in his hand and said lightly.
Lin Ziming smiled and said, “Really, you disappointed me. Your cultivation level is much worse than Jian Rushuang. No wonder you can only be the second child in the Luo Tian organization.”
Lei Zhen was furious and stared at Lin Ziming fiercely, murderously, but he didn’t have any shots at Lin Ziming. He endured it and snorted, “The teeth are sharp and the mouth is sharp! Lin Ziming, I will send you now Challenge, ten days later, in Junlin Mountain, a showdown for life and death, dare you come!”
His shout resounded through the clouds, and the sky thunder rolled, reaching far, far away, especially the aura, it was extremely terrifying.
This time he came, mainly to write a battle book to Lin Ziming, and he wanted to take down Lin Ziming’s head in such a highly anticipated way, so that he could better slap his sword in the face.
He had never put Lin Ziming in his eyes. In his opinion, Lin Ziming was not a chess piece.
Lin Ziming’s strength is good, but the background is too poor, at best it can only be regarded as sloppy, and he is comparable to a big man with a deep background.
Lin Ziming naturally saw that he was looking for Lei Zhen to avenge him. Now that Lei Zhen gave him this opportunity, how could he not agree?
“As you wish.” Lin Ziming nodded and agreed.
Lei Zhen took a deep look at him last, and turned to leave. Next, he was about to prepare well.
After Lei Zhen left, Chu Fei asked worriedly: “Ziming, are you really going to fight him for life and death?”
Lin Ziming held Chu Fei’s hand and said, “Well, don’t worry, I won’t lose.”
Chu Fei said: “This person looks very powerful, you must not take it lightly.”
“Don’t worry, I will win.” Lin Ziming promised very seriously.
Chu Fei nodded, feeling relaxed a lot.
The opening ceremony this time was ruined, but no one would still care about the opening ceremony. Everyone’s attention was focused on the life and death battle between Lei Zhen and Lin Ziming ten days later.
This message was spread all over the upper class in just a few hours!
“Hey, did you hear that? A man named Lei Zhen tactics against Lin Ziming. Ten days later, he will fight to the death in Junlin Mountain!”
“What? There is such a thing? Lin Ziming is now a hot master, who is so courageous to find Lin Ziming for a decisive battle. Is this impatient?”
“Huh, you don’t know anything about that, this Lei Zhen is also a super big man, and also a master of Dzogchen in the Innate Realm, and his strength is still higher than that of Lin Ziming! I think, this time Lin Ziming is afraid that he is going to stumble.
“Yeah, Lin Ziming has been in such a high fashion in the past two years. He has attracted the attention of hidden big shots and has begun to take action against Lin Ziming. I think Lin Ziming is going to be more ill-tempered this time!”
“I’ve inquired, this Lei Zhen was very famous five years ago. He was the most amazing genius at the time. He was nicknamed the God Killer and he was born. I don’t know how many masters he killed!”
“Damn, I remember now, Godkiller, this is a cruel man. What he has done is even more outrageous than Lin Ziming. He actually appeared now? And he also issued a war letter to Lin Ziming, then Lin Ziming this time Hanging…”

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