A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1369

Ten days was not too much and not too much for Lin Ziming, just enough.
Enough to digest the life origin of the last heaven and earth spirit fruit in his body. At that time, his strength will usher in a diligence, Lei Zhen will not be his opponent!
During these ten days, Lin Ziming chose to retreat.
And Lei Zhen didn’t dare to be big, and also chose to retreat.
Originally, he didn’t have Lin Ziming in his eyes, but after seeing Lin Ziming today, he found that Lin Ziming was not that simple, so he underestimated Lin Ziming.
But even so, he still has absolute confidence that he can defeat Lin Ziming, cut off Lin Ziming’s head, and give it to the holy king.
When they were all in retreat, there was a turmoil in the outside world, and everyone began to discuss this battle fiercely.
Lei Zhen is not a nameless person. He has only stayed in the Luo Tian organization for a long time in the past five years, and gradually faded out of the arena, but his legend still circulates in the arena.
The title of God Killer is not just called casually.
In the early years, Lei Zhen was also a ruthless person. At the age of thirty, he broke through to the congenital realm of Dzogchen. He passed through all the way and killed many famous masters at that time. It was only later that it seemed to have provoked people who shouldn’t be provoked, and then he hid it.
Many people thought that he was dead, but they didn’t think that now, after five years, he has come up again, and the first thing he returned was the big thing he did, and he would directly write a battle book to Lin Ziming!
You know, Lin Ziming is now the most famous person in the entire province of G, especially Lin Ziming’s return of the king this time, he has abused so many people, as if he has secured the top spot in the province of g.
And Lin Ziming is still the chief instructor of Xuanyuan No. 3, with the rank of lieutenant, who dares to be disrespectful to him?
But Lei Zhen went directly to Lin Ziming for the operation, which also showed Lei Zhen’s confidence.
In any case, this is a war of the century, drawing the attention of many people.
“What? Lei Zhen issued a war note to Instructor Lin, and Instructor Lin took it?” At the third place of Xuanyuan, Sun Liang learned about it. His expression was wonderful, not just him, but also high-level officials such as Zhao Xia and Xiao Cangmang. , Is the same reaction.
Peng Zhuo shook his head and said with a wry smile: “This instructor Lin is really a weird thing. It’s a troublesome machine that walks, so no one has hatred against him.”
Xiao Cangmang also said: “Yeah, since I remembered, instructor Lin has never stopped, and people are always asking him for trouble, and now even Lei Zhen has come out.”
Zhao Xia said with a solemn expression: “I heard that this Lei Zhen is not simple. It is the top powerhouse of Dzogchen in the Innate Realm. He can compete with Jian Rushuang. Now he is facing instructor Lin. what.”
Sun Liang also said anxiously, “Isn’t it, this Lei Zhen, who was known as a god-killer, how many masters, died in his hands? Those deeds he did back then are more legendary than instructor Lin, really fought. , I think instructor Lin is not necessarily Lei Zhen’s opponent!”

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