A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1371

Indeed, according to Shangguan Wei’an, what can be done in ten days?
Although he is not a master of the congenital realm, all he has contact with is a master of the congenital realm. He knows that especially when the congenital realm reaches the Great Perfection, it is even more difficult to do so, let alone ten days, even if it is ten months, ten years, progress. It’s not too high!
Therefore, Shangguan Wei’an expressed his doubts and was reluctant to believe that this was the case.
Huangpudao smiled and said, “Brother Shangguan, you don’t know anything. Lin Ziming has swallowed the colorful origin fruit, which contains a large amount of life origin. Ten days will be enough for him to digest all life origin, and then he will have strength. He will also usher in diligence, and the Thunder will no longer be his opponent.”
Shangguan Wei’an said: “No, the colorful original fruit that Lin Ziming snatched away was not eaten by his wife… You mean, Lin Ziming lied, and his wife was seriously ill. A scam?!”
Shangguan Wei’an’s expression became serious in an instant, with some anger. If Lin Ziming really lied to him, he would definitely not take Lin Ziming lightly! This is a matter of principle.
Huangpu Dao waved his hand and said, “Brother Shangguan, you are misunderstood. Lin Ziming indeed ate the colorful original fruit on the Lion Mountain to his wife. He is not deceiving at this point.”
“Uh…” Shangguan Wei’an was immediately stunned, and said in a puzzled way: “Then you said he ate the Seven-Colored Essence Fruit… Wait a minute, you mean, there are two Seven-Colored Essence Fruit? !”
Huangpudao had a deep gaze, nodded, and said: “Yes, there are two colorful origin fruits, and Lin Ziming swallowed the second one. That’s why he can break through to the innate realm of great perfection in such a short period of time.”
Shangguan Wei’an felt that his mind was a little confused, “No, it’s not right, the Colorful Origin Fruit produces two fruits once in a hundred years. How can there be two of these? And, Lin Ziming got both of them? The probability is too small!
Huangpudao said: “Who said that there is only one source of colorful fruit? This is not an absolute thing. Now it seems that Lin Ziming did eat the second one to have such a rich source of life. This is his luck, he It’s the trend-makers of this era.”
If someone else said such things to Shangguan Wei’an, he would definitely not believe it, but if this person is Whampoa Road, he would believe it, because he has known Whampoa Road for decades and is very clear about the person and ability of Whampoa Road. .
He couldn’t help sighing, and said with a bit of emotion: “From this point of view, this Lin Ziming is really the trend-makers of the times.”
Huangpudao nodded and said: “Let’s look at the battle between him and Lei Zhen. I am looking forward to whether or not Luo Tian, ​​an old thing, will come out if Lei Zhen dies in the hands of Lin Ziming.”
Shangguan Wei’an, when he heard the word’Luo Tian’, his pupils shrank obviously, causing fear and awe. He said in a deep voice, “Luo Tian, ​​this old ghost, is still alive?”
Huangpudao nodded and said: “I’m still alive. Although he hides deeply, I can still feel his breath. He is dead.”
Luo Tian is the holy king of the Luo Tian organization, and the entire Luo Tian organization is named after Luo Tian, ​​but many people don’t know this information, including those inside the Luo Tian organization.
Moreover, Luo Tian hasn’t come out for a long time, and it has been hidden. Many people have guessed that Luo Tian is dead, or has become an immortal.
Only the core people know that Luo Tianzhen is actually dead.
Huangpudao said solemnly: “Yes, he is still alive, and his aura is very strong, he doesn’t look like his life is about to die.”

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