A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1378

Lei Zhen spoke like a god, and initiated a trial of Lin Ziming. Lin Ziming was already doomed.
I have to say that Lei Zhen is still very powerful, his height is equal to Lin Ziming, but his domineering aura is like a king, centered on him, the world is full of untouchables, even if Lin Ziming is the same innate The realm of great perfection is nothing but you.
This kind of hegemony can be felt by everyone present, and some people with relatively poor psychological quality may even have the idea of ​​surrender, to bow down to Lei Zhen.
There was no change in the expression on Lin Ziming’s face, still with a faint smile, it seemed that Lei Zhen was just a humanoid creature to him, without any pressure.
Indeed, although Lei Zhen is stronger than Fan Zhengping, but for Lin Ziming, it can no longer cause any pressure on him.
Huangpu Dao was right, what Lei Zhen did the most wrong was to give Lin Ziming ten days to digest the last life source and become the energy in his body.
“Lei Zhen, you want to use me to slap your face with swords like frost, increase your prestige in the Luo Tian organization, so as to seize the qualifications of the heir to the holy king.” Lin Ziming said lightly, with some jokes in his eyes, “The idea is to play well. However, you overestimate yourself. People who hunt will also be eaten by their prey.”
Lei Zhen couldn’t help being shocked when he heard Lin Ziming’s words, his expression couldn’t help but change.
You know, his plan, but no one has said it. On the surface, his idea is because of the neon clothes that made Lin Ziming attack, but now, Lin Ziming actually said all his inner thoughts. ? How could this surprise him? He even wondered if someone had leaked this information!
But he thought about it carefully, he didn’t say anything about it, and who could pass it to Lin Ziming!
Fortunately, his reaction speed was very fast, and he immediately recovered. He hummed heavily and said in a cold voice: “Nonsense! Lin Ziming, do you think such naive methods can disrupt my murderous intentions!”
Lin Ziming laughed even more jokingly, “Haha, Lei Zhen, you are too good at routine. Originally I just guessed, I didn’t want to try casually, so I tried it out. It turns out that you have been staring at the position of the Holy King, I don’t know. When it reaches your holy king, what will he think of you?”
“You!” Lei Zhen saw Lin Ziming’s beastly look, and couldn’t understand why he was fooled. He was given a routine by Lin Ziming, a little beast. For a while, he became even more annoyed and treated Lin Ziming. Ming’s murderous intent is also more intense.
“Little beast, you are looking for death!” Lei Zhen’s eyes were violent, and he stared at Lin Ziming, even the people at the foot of the mountain felt a terrifying chill, especially uncomfortable.
Lin Ziming shook his head with a disappointed look, and said, “Lei Zhen, although your cultivation base is high, but your IQ is not high, you have been so easy to get my routine. However, your idea is going to fail, because you basically , It’s not mine, opponent!”
When Lin Ziming’s last two words fell, he shot, his body disappeared in place, and when he reappeared, he was already in front of Lei Zhen.
Fast as lightning!
The war officially began.

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