A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1383

It was Lin Ziming. After he finished speaking, he suddenly fell into a disadvantage, and he had already seen that he was about to lose. However, his momentum suddenly ushered in an earth-shaking change.
To say that he was just a scarred lion, then now he has transformed into a powerful lion king, who can swallow the sky and obscure the sun, completely ushering in a two-level reversal!
He didn’t retreat any more, but attacked the Thunder!
Moreover, his offense was extremely fierce, like a huge wheel, rolling forward at high speed, and Lei Zhen was just a cockroach in front of the wheel. This picture was even more exaggerated than a man’s arm blocking a car.
Lei Zhen felt his change, his pupils shrank instantly, his scalp began to numb, and he screamed, “This is impossible!”
He was indeed extremely shocked in his heart. You know, he had already crushed Lin Ziming. Although Lin Ziming was very tenacious in the middle, it took him a lot of energy to overwhelm Lin Ziming. Only the last blow was enough. Defeated Lin Ziming.
But now, Lin Ziming swept away his decay, his whole aura rose by a few points, and instantly turned from a disadvantage to an advantage? This is too unscientific!
Even if he is the Great Perfection of the Innate Realm, he can’t understand it for a while. Why can Lin Ziming be able to reverse under this situation? This is completely impossible!
Could it be that Lin Ziming had been hiding his strength just now, was he playing with him?
Do not! He can’t accept such a thing at all. You must know that he was an absolute genius since he was a kid, and he was a monster. He is only thirty-five years old this year, and he has already cultivated to the innate realm of Dzogchen. The body, only the last step, can completely stand on the pinnacle of mankind!
But now, a person suddenly came out and completely suppressed him. With his arrogance and arrogance, he couldn’t accept such a thing at all.
So at this moment, his mind has undergone a huge change, causing his speed to drop a lot, and people panicked, revealing flaws.
And in front of an opponent like Lin Ziming, revealing such a big flaw, it means losing, and the result of losing is death!
Lin Ziming caught this flashing flaw, his hands, at the speed of his lightning, seemed to have turned into a Thousand-Hand Guanyin. In an instant, his fists and hand knives enveloped Lei Zhen’s body. In such an attack Below, apart from the fact that King Kong is not bad, no one can catch Lin Ziming’s attack!
Not even a master like Lei Zhen!
With a bang, Lin Ziming’s punch hit Lei Zhen’s chest. In the line of sight that everyone could see, Lin Ziming’s thousand arms enveloped Lei Zhen, and finally turned into one, and hit Lei Ting hard. Body.
The power of this punch is extremely powerful. Even if Lei Zhen is the Great Perfection of the Innate Realm, and his physical body is already strong enough to be almost invincible, he can’t hold Lin Ziming’s punch, and he was beaten and flew out.
A person with good hearing can hear a faint squeak, his chest is collapsed by Lin Ziming’s punch, and several ribs are broken.
Lin Ziming didn’t let Lei Zhen go in this way. His figure was almost parallel to Lei Zhen’s flying body, and he chased him quickly. When Lei Zhen was still not landing, he stretched out his hand and grabbed the thunder in the sky. Grab it, then slam it hard on the ground.
With this smash, more strength, a loud bang!
The entire Junlin Mountain could be heard clearly, and Lei Zhen’s figure was directly smashed into the ground.
Suddenly, the whole Junlin Mountain became quiet, everyone was dumbfounded, watching this scene inconceivably!
You know, Lei Zhen is not an ant, but an absolute boss, with the title of a god-killer. Many people think that Lin Ziming will lose this time.

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