A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1384

From the beginning to just five seconds ago, Lei Zhen had indeed pressed Lin Ziming and beat Lin Ziming with no power to fight back.
But what about Lin Ziming’s comeback all at once? What the hell is this? The speed is so fast that they can’t react, thinking they have hallucinations!
Many people have dumbfounded expressions, including Zhong Tao and Fang Xingping. Now they can’t accept this fact. Why is it like this? Did Lei Zhen release the water, or did Lin Ziming use a hidden weapon to plot Lei Zhen? But even if it is a hidden weapon, it shouldn’t be solved in such a fast time!
Only Fan Zhengping was normal. His eyes were deep, and he looked at Lin Ziming tightly, which evoked a memory he couldn’t bear to look back. At the third place of Xuanyuan, Lin Ziming also reversed this way! He thought that he had already gained the upper hand and crushed Lin Ziming, but in fact it wasn’t, Lin Ziming was just using his best.
When he was defeated at the time, he was depressed for a long time. Now, someone has finally realized this. There is still a perverted pleasure in his heart. Anyway, he is not the one being treated like this by Lin Ziming, and his mentality is suddenly balanced. A lot.
It took a full ten seconds before King’s Landing was under the mountain, and someone came back to their senses and uttered an uproar.
“I’m not mistaken, did Lei Zhen lose to Lin Ziming?”
“But, isn’t Lin Ziming always at a disadvantage? Why did he counterattack so quickly? This is totally unscientific? Did Lei Zhen release the water!”
“Neurotic, Lei Zhen is not an idiot. Isn’t releasing water in a battle of this level to find death? Besides, he hates Lin Ziming deeply. What is the need to release the water!”
“That is, Lin Ziming didn’t have any effective power from the beginning? Just now, when he used all his power, Lei Zhen is no longer an opponent… Then, how strong is Lin Ziming!”
“It’s over, there is really no one to hold Lin Ziming down this time, terrifying, it’s terrifying!”
“This Lei Zhen, isn’t it dead?”
“It’s hard to say…”
The entire Junlin Mountain is now boiling, and the discussion has never stopped.
The hands that Lin Ziming showed just now really shocked them all.
On this side, Luo Hongyang swallowed heavily, his entire scalp was numb, he looked up at the top of the mountain, that looks small but extremely stalwart figure, now he was truly terrified, Fear from the bottom of my heart, there is no longer any idea of ​​opposing Lin Ziming!
He now understands that Lin Ziming has grown up completely, and has opened a huge gap with them, and now they are no opponents at all…
He has a feeling that if he dares to fight Lin Ziming, then death is waiting for him! !
He is not the only one who has the same idea. Everyone present thinks like this. There is no way. This scene really made a deep impression on them! I’m afraid I won’t forget it in this life…
Especially the dozen or so college students, now in a completely dumbfounded state, muttered, “God, really is a god…”

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