A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1387

Wrong, this seems to be taking advantage of the fictitious wind, stepping on the branches, and coming here lightly, is the white-clothed young man with sword Rushuang.
He doesn’t look like a super master at all, but like a high school student, wearing white sportswear, watching the sunshine day and night, if he walks on the road, he is a teenager, if he is almost sixty years old. , No one believes it at all.
In fact, Lin Ziming didn’t understand why Jian Rushuang looked so young… No, it could even be called a young age, which is completely unscientific.
At this time, other people also discovered Jian Rushuang. Most people didn’t know Jian Rushuang, and even the name of Jian Rushuang had not been heard. But for real masters, they will tremble three times when they hear the three words Jian Rushuang!
Because they all know that Jian Rushuang is a real big man, the number one master under the Holy King Luo Tianzuo, is also the strongest existence under King Kong’s incorruptibility, even this is already recognized, even if Lei Zhen is against Jian Rushuang Not satisfied, but in front of Jian Rushuang, he still has to maintain the respect he deserves.
“Hi… Jian Rushuang, unexpectedly came! This Luo Tian organization, is this going to see the sun again?!”
Luo Hongyang’s pupils contracted, and he said this sentence in horror. His reputation for Jian Rushuang is like thunder, even more famous than Lei Zhen!
Moreover, the most important thing is that Jian Rushuang is almost a master outside the world. He hasn’t appeared in the arena for many years. He has been living in seclusion in the Luo Tian organization. Many people do not know Jian Rushuang, but for Luo Hongyang, Fang Xingping, these veteran masters, still remember it clearly!
Zhong Tao’s originally sad eyes suddenly lighted up. Originally, he was already completely temperamental towards Lin Ziming, and he didn’t dare to have any thoughts of confrontation. But now, the appearance of Jian Rushuang has ignited a glimmer of his hope. If Jian Rushuang shoots at Lin Ziming, then Lin Ziming is still very likely to be killed!
Although he didn’t dare to fight Lin Ziming, he would still be very excited if someone avenged him.
When Fan Zhengping saw Jian Rushuang appear, he squinted his eyes and didn’t have too many accidents. In fact, he had already felt the breath of Jian Rushuang not long ago and knew that Jian Rushuang had come.
In fact, he has always been jealous of Jian Rushuang, because Jian Rushuang was from his time, much earlier than Lei Zhen. The sword of that meeting was Rushuang, full of spirits, and unbelievable. So many geniuses in the past were defeated by Jian Rushuang, including him, Fan Zhengping.
He is hostile to Jian Rushuang, but it is undeniable that deep down in his heart, he respects Jian Rushuang.
Now he is a little expectant that Jian Rushuang can take action and kill Lin Ziming. In this way, at least he can restore some face for the people of his time.
Nishang’s original expression of relief, instantly tightened, and his heartbeat also accelerated a lot!
Her pupils shrank violently, and a look of fear appeared on her face. As for the entire Luo Tian organization, who is the person she most fears, then it must be the sword!
She clearly knows that when there is a sword like frost, Lei Zhen is always the second in a thousand years, and it is impossible to surpass that of Jian Rushuang.
But now that Jian Rushuang has actually appeared, then Lin Ziming is going to be more fierce…
It is too late to say that it is fast, Jian Rushuang has already fallen in front of Lin Ziming, his appearance, in line with his identity, seems really against him, especially his voice is full of magnetism. The young man’s voice said, “Lin Ziming, no one has surprised me for many years. You are the first one.”
He is not tall and tall, only 1.7 meters tall, with a baby face, and what he says is very magnetic, which can be as weird as it is.

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