A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1388

He looked at Lin Ziming with a somewhat complicated expression, surprised, doubtful, and admired. At the beginning of the Lion Mountain, he personally took the spirit fruit of heaven and earth. It was originally a foolproof thing, but he didn’t think that Lin Ziming would be the first to board, and even It was the first time for him to escape in his hands.
At the beginning, he really didn’t put Lin Ziming in his eyes, because he was not at the same level as him.
However, in the past two months, the former ant has grown into a big figure who can protest with the Chamber. This kind of strong contrast is really very emotional.
Jian Rushuang did arrive a long time ago, and he saw the battle between Lei Zhen and Lin Ziming just now.
Even he had been deceived by Lin Ziming, and he did not see clearly that Lin Ziming had hidden his strength, and he could fight against Lei Zhen in the end.
Now that Lei Zhen was about to be killed, he had to come out.
As for Lin Ziming, he actually sensed Jian Rushuang’s existence a long time ago, but he didn’t make a sound.
It was not that he was arrogant and looked down upon Jian Rushuang, but he believed that the military god Huangpu Dao would not stand idly by on such important occasions. Although he did not perceive the existence of the military god Whampoa Dao, he can be sure that Huangpu Dao must be there, so even if he knew that Jian Rushuang was hidden in the dark, he did not worry about being attacked.
Now that he is already a talent from China, how could Huangpu Road put him in danger?
However, now that he sees Jian Rushuang, he is indeed very emotional. Two months ago, he was still an ant in front of Jian Rushuang. Now he has grown into a peerless powerhouse of the same level as Jian Rushuang. .
Seeing Jian Rushuang’s appearance, Lei Zhen immediately cheered up and hurriedly exclaimed: “Senior Brother Jian, it’s great that you are here! Hurry up and kill Lin Ziming this wild species!!”
He was pinched by Lin Ziming’s neck and hung up like a chicken. It was as funny as it was.
Jian Rushuang looked at him faintly, disappointed and disgusted in his eyes, “Lei Zhen, you are really ashamed of Luo Tian.”
Lei Zhen’s excited expression stiffened on his face, annoyed into anger, “Senior brother, what do you know! Do you think I am not Lin Ziming’s opponent? He used a hidden weapon to plot me! Otherwise I would have killed him!”
He wanted to scold again, but right away, he couldn’t speak, because Lin Ziming’s right hand was a little harder, and Lei Zhen was like a chicken caught in the neck, unable to call out. Wrong, he is now in Lin Ziming’s hands, just a chicken.
“Jian Rushuang is right, you are indeed Luo Tian’s shame.” Lin Ziming said disdainfully.
Lei Zhen’s face was blue and white, which was very ugly, but he had no way to struggle, so he could only kick his two feet in the air. Now he has completely lost the ability to fight.
Jian Rushuang stared directly at Lin Ziming and said, “Lin Ziming, you have won, let him go. Your grievance with Luo Tian can be wiped out.”
This condition sounds very tempting. After hearing this, the neon clothes who rushed over from a distance immediately lit up and wanted to agree to Lin Ziming’s behalf.
However, Lin Ziming laughed, “What if I refuse?”

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