A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1389

As Lin Ziming said this, the atmosphere of the scene suddenly changed subtlely. Many people present felt nervous inexplicably, and their heartbeat accelerated a lot.
The neon clothes who were rushing over suddenly stopped and stared at Lin Ziming in surprise, looking like he hated iron for not making steel. He wondered if Lin Ziming’s brain was burnt out, and he would say such words.
As long as Lei Zhen is released, the grievance with Luo Tianen can be cancelled. What a good deal this is!
As long as it is a normal person, he knows what choice to make, but Lin Ziming actually refused? This is the brain flooded!
As a senior member of the Luo Tian organization, Nishang deeply knows how powerful the Luo Tian organization is, especially that the holy king is a godlike existence. If Lin Ziming really does not know good or bad and angers the holy king, So even if Lin Ziming had ten lives, he wouldn’t be enough to die!
Jian Rushuang squinted his eyes and said meaningfully: “Young man, your achievements are indeed extraordinary, but this world is huge, and there are still many existences worthy of your awe. I am not saving thunderstorms, but saving you. ,do you understand?”
Lin Ziming still kept a smile on his face. He retracted his gaze from Jian Rushuang, looked at Lei Zhen, and said with a smile: “Do you think I should let you go?”
He seemed to be talking to an old friend. At this moment, he couldn’t see any murderous intentions on his face. It was precisely because of his posture that Lei Zhen relaxed a lot, snorted, and said threateningly: “You dare not kill me, you know very well, once you kill me, then you are dead, and you will be killed by Luo Tian’s full force! At that time, even if you escape to the end of the world, you will have to die!”
Now Lei Ting seemed to have regained his composure, and decided that Lin Ziming would not dare to kill him, because Lin Ziming didn’t look like a fool at all, as long as he wasn’t a fool, he knew what to do.
So he was quite proud, even if Lin Ziming defeated him, so what? Behind him is the entire Luo Tian organization, even if it is China, it must be afraid of the existence of three points!
He is no longer afraid, and his thinking is slowly working. The moment Jian Rushuang appeared, he knew that his life was saved. Needless to say, Lord Saint King was also paying attention to this decisive battle. And the appearance of Jian Rushuang must be the meaning of Lord Saint King!
“Really? So it seems that I can only let go of your path.” The smile on Lin Ziming’s face has become even more intense. From outsiders, it seems that he has succumbed to the prostitution of Luo Tian organization. Dare to kill Lei Zhen.
Lei Zhen snorted and said, “You are not afraid of death, so just give it a try.”
Lin Ziming was lost in thought, and he seemed to be struggling.
However, Jian Rushuang’s brows were not loosened, but they wrinkled even more tightly. Because he didn’t feel that Lin Ziming’s killing intent was relaxed, on the contrary, the killing intent that Lin Ziming condensed was getting more and more vigorous!
Lin Ziming, this is killing Lei Shock!
But most people didn’t know it. They all thought that Lin Ziming was counseling, and many people were still gloating and discussing in a low voice.
“Cut, it seems that Lin Ziming is stunned, he dare not kill Lei Zhen. This is the shortcoming of the lack of background, even if Lin Ziming defeats Lei Zhen, what about it? Behind Lei Zhen is Luo Tian, ​​who is a giant. Organization, Lin Ziming is not so obedient to let others go.”
“Yeah, Lin Ziming has been counseled. He won and lost. Moreover, when he beat Lei Zhen like this, he had a grievance with Luo Tian organization. By then, his fate will definitely not be much better.”
“In other words, what is the origin of the Luo Tian organization you are talking about, why haven’t I heard of it?”
“Of course, the Luotian organization is a mysterious organization that has existed for more than a hundred years. It is impossible to know if it is not a person at that level. This Luotian organization is so powerful that it can be called a small country, especially that one The legendary saint king is even a god-like character. I heard that even the army god is very afraid of this saint king, otherwise, the Chinese nation would not let the Luo Tian organization exist for that long…”
“Damn, is this Luo Tian organization so awesome? I haven’t even heard of it. It seems that I am ignorant.”

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