A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1391

Lei Zhen’s last words could not be said, because his neck was broken by Lin Ziming, but he did not immediately die. Instead, he opened his eyes wide, looking at Lin Ziming in fear and despair, his mouth was ho ho ho ho. The sound is like a chicken with its neck cut off, struggling to death.
The whole audience was silent and deadly quiet. Everyone looked at Lin Ziming with incredible eyes. It was absolutely unexpected that Lin Ziming was so courageous. Faced with the threat of Luo Tian organization, he dared to break the neck of Thunder Zhen. It was declared war with Luo Tian organization!
Even Jian Rushuang’s pupils shrank in an emergency. The next moment, he let out a monstrous roar: “Lin Ziming!!!”
He was furious, and Lin Ziming actually killed Lei Zhen in front of him. This is totally unforgivable!
You know, Lei Zhen is not an ant, but the king of the Luotian organization in the Southern Territory. He has a noble status. He sits on the side and made great contributions to the Luotian organization. The effect is huge. Now he has been killed by Lin Ziming. For Luo Tian organization , Is a huge loss!
The others were also stunned. They didn’t even think that Lin Ziming actually dared to kill Lei Zhen. This was a lunatic behavior. They all felt that Lin Ziming must be crazy, and there was no difference between seeking death.
Nishang only felt his scalp numb, and his body couldn’t help but tremble, “This lunatic, really, really killed Lei Zhen, this time is going to be over…”
Her face became pale.
However, Zhong Tao, Luo Hongyang and others laughed loudly, unabashedly gloating. Lin Ziming was swollen. He actually dared to kill Thunder Zhen in front of Jian Rushuang, which is equivalent to offending the entire Luotian organization, especially Once the Saint King who had lived in seclusion for many years, once shot, then Lin Ziming would only have a dead end!
On the other side of the mountain, Shangguan Wei An said in astonishment: “This Lin Zimingbiao actually killed Lei Zhen, now he is going to cause trouble.”
Huangpudao showed appreciation in his eyes, and said, “Lin Ziming is very bold, not bad, not bad.”
Lei Zhen, as a master of Innate Realm Dzogchen, was particularly tenacious in life. Even if his neck was broken, he would not die for a while now, but his vitality was dissipating at an extremely fast speed, and he could no longer survive.
He couldn’t think that Lin Ziming was so courageous, he really killed him.
Now he is an unprecedented remorse. He knew that Lin Ziming was such a lunatic. He would not have written a battle with Lin Ziming if he killed him. Now he took his own life into it!
As a rare peerless genius in the world, he has to cherish his life more than anyone else. He can expect that, given time, he can definitely break through to the point where King Kong is not bad. At that time, he will be an invincible existence, the sky and the earth are big, he will roam freely.
But now, everything is in vain…
Lin Ziming threw him aside like rubbish, and smiled at Jian Rushuang and said, “I’m sorry, I am the person who hates threats by nature. If you talk to me well, I can still thunder and shake a dog’s life.”
Jian Rushuang stared at Lin Ziming stubbornly, with anger in his eyes, and his aura constantly rising, like a demon god descending on the world to destroy everything in the world.
“Zhuzi! You are looking for death!” Jian Rushuang’s voice fell, and he had already reached Lin Ziming and started to attack Lin Ziming.

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