A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1392

In an instant, Lin Ziming felt the overwhelming coercion, and even his breathing became a little quick. Jian Rushuang was too strong, and it was not at the same level as Lei Zhen, completely beyond Lin Ziming’s expectation.
In the face of Jian Rushuang’s troubles, Lin Ziming did not dare to neglect the slightest. He knew that when he was fighting against a master like Jian Rushuang, as long as he made a slight mistake, he was caught by Jian Rushuang and waiting for him. The catastrophe is over.
So he can’t relax a bit.
Although Jian Rushuang was very powerful, he didn’t have a trace of fear, on the contrary, he was very excited and full of fighting spirit. Two months ago, he was still an ant in front of Jian Rushuang, but now, he has the ability to fight Jian Rushuang.
Jian Rushuang’s style is completely different from Lei Zhen. Jian Rushuang is a sharp and magnanimous sword fairy. His every punch and every foot carries endless sword intent and sharpness. Lin Ziming simply confronted him, and his body was scratched and bleeds by his sword intent, and the sword aura would still adhere to his wounds, constantly tearing his wounds.
This is the second time that Lin Ziming has confronted Jian Rushuang. This time, he can truly feel the strength of Jian Rushuang, how terrifying it is.
He now finally knows why Jian Rushuang is called Jian Rushuang, because the sword intent of Jian Rushuang, like frost, penetrates, cold, and destroys.
He thought that after he had digested all the life origins in his body, he already had the strength to fight Jian Rushuang, and now it seemed that he was still a little worse.
But it doesn’t mean that he will be afraid, even if Jian Rushuang is strong, it will not affect his fighting spirit in the slightest.
Jian Rushuang was also very frightened. He had no mercy anymore. Each of his actions was more than 90% of the power, but Lin Ziming was able to carry it down. You know, two months ago, Lin Ziming was just An ant, such a growth rate, had to shock him.
No matter how talented Lin Ziming is, now that Lin Ziming has killed Lei Zhen, then Lin Ziming will only have a dead end, Jian Rushuang’s eyes become even colder.
Hearing a tick, a faint blood-stained sword appeared on his brow. It looked like a sword, and it turned red continuously, until there was blood dripping, and it fell to the ground with a click. .
“Lin Ziming, there is no denying that your talent is very high. It is not an exaggeration to claim that you are a rare genius in a hundred years. I originally wanted to keep you, but unfortunately, you are still dead. In that case, I will let you see. , The real King Kong is the strongest if it is not broken, what level is it!”
Jian Rushuang’s mouth moved, but his words spread throughout Junlin Mountain and exploded in Lin Ziming’s ears.
At this moment, Lin Ziming felt an unprecedented sense of crisis. He had an intuition that he could not stop Jian Rushuang’s blow!
But he also didn’t have to sit still, he made the most correct response at the moment of the moment, and began to accumulate his strength to block the next blow of Jian Rushuang with all his strength.
Almost in an instant, Jian Rushuang shot his hand. His punch came out, cutting the air into pieces, and struck Lin Ziming unreservedly. Lin Ziming kept backing away, dissolving the sword like frost. At the same time, he kept waving his arms and quickly created a whirlpool in front of him to suck the sword intent like frost.
However, Jian Rushuang’s sword intent was still too strong. Lin Ziming’s whirlpool couldn’t bear it at all. It was cut to pieces by Jian Rushuang’s sword intent. In the end, the punch of Jian Rushuang broke Lin Ziming’s defenses. When it hit Lin Ziming’s arms, Lin Ziming only felt the tremendous destructive power, and the whole person couldn’t bear the power, and he flew upside down.

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