A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1397

Huangpu Road took the initiative to attack Luo Tian.
Lin Ziming’s brows beat fiercely, his heart surging extremely, full of anticipation, his eyes followed the past, but he couldn’t catch the two of them.
They seem to have reached a dimension that ordinary people can’t see, which is very unscientific.
As for the others, they are even more confused. They don’t even know why Huangpu Road disappeared so well.
In the sky, from all directions, there were fierce fighting sounds, but they could not be seen. This feeling was really weird. At that moment, even Lin Ziming had a question, Huangpu Road. He Luo Tian, ​​has he escaped from the category of human beings and has become a god?
But soon, he denied that it was impossible, it was just that their strength was strong to a certain extent, and their mental power was extremely powerful, which interfered with their spirit and caused them to not see it.
But I have to say that it is really scary that King Kong is not bad, and it is no longer a concept with Innate Realm. The gap in this is even bigger than the Congenital Realm and ordinary people! No wonder if you look at the world, there are very few people who can achieve King Kong not bad.
“Whampoa Road, this seat admits that you are a rare genius in a century, but unfortunately, you still don’t look enough in front of this seat. Even your master is not an opponent of this seat, so you should not humiliate yourself.”
“Luo Tian! You don’t have to be silly, this is not your era anymore. You have lived for a hundred years, and now it’s time for you to leave the stage! Today you can hardly fly!”
“Hahaha, it’s hard to fly with wings? Whampoa Road, don’t you think you don’t know your little movements? You think that if you set up a net, what can you do with this seat? Young man, you underestimate this seat.”
“Really, then I want to see your magical powers, there is no one who has your tongue and is so good!”
As their conversation fell, there was a fierce explosion in the sky again. The loudness of the sound was so deafening that many people couldn’t help covering their ears, and their hearts were shocked.
Even people far away heard this movement and looked over, thinking that something major had happened.
Lin Ziming was shocked. Isn’t this how powerful King Kong is? Sure enough, he was too strong, but why, facing Luo Tian, ​​he always had an indescribable sense of familiarity?
When did you meet this mysterious holy king?
He recalled it carefully, but there was no recollection. He shook his head and threw this bizarre idea out of his mind, because it was too impossible. What kind of character is the Saint King, how could he have seen him in private.
Originally in Junlin Mountain, the protagonists were Lin Ziming and Lei Zhen, but now, they have completely lost control, and the protagonists have become Luo Tian and Huangpu Dao.
At this moment, Lin Ziming felt a familiar gaze. When he looked back, he saw a red dress coming over, biting his lip, his face full of complexity. After he walked over, he opened the door and said: “What are you still waiting for? , Run quickly!”
Lin Ziming said, “What am I running?”
“Whampoa Road cannot be the opponent of the Holy King. When the Holy King cleans up the Huangpu Road, you can’t run away if you want to run. You killed Lei Zhen. With the temper of the Holy King, he will definitely slap you to death!” Said without worry.

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