A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1401

After Chu Fei heard it, she was shocked, “Something happened? Shouldn’t they cause any trouble again!”
Lin Ziming nodded and said, “Perhaps it is possible.”
Chu Fei suddenly became worried, but the other members of the Chu family were not worried. Chu Hao smiled and said, “If something happens, these guys are not stupid. If they really get into trouble, they will definitely explode Ziming in the first place. Your name, as long as the other party is not blind, dare not do anything to them.”
Chu Guodong also nodded, his face relaxed and not worried at all, “Chu Hao is right, now looking at Huacheng, as long as it is not a person who wants to die, he dare not do anything to us. Ziming, Speaking of it, you still deserve it! Come, Grandpa toasts you too.”
With that said, Chu Guodong stood up and made a toast to Lin Ziming, still putting his posture quite low.
Lin Ziming saw this scene, and to be honest, he was still quite helpless. It seemed that he would have to return to the Chu family less in the future, otherwise he would be too uncomfortable.
Fortunately, the Chu family didn’t know Lin Ziming’s thoughts, otherwise they would definitely regret it.
From here, Chu Hao called and went over. After a while, his face ran over in a panic, “It’s not good, Chu Tian and Chu Xing, it’s true, something happened!”
“What?!” Mother-in-law Liu Suhong stood up immediately and said nervously: “Chu Hao, you have made it clear, what happened to them, is it a car accident?!”
When other people heard this, they suddenly became nervous. Yeah, for the Chu family now, it is already a big family in Hwaseong, and its prestige directly surpassed the Lin family. As long as it is not a blind eye, does it? Dare to offend their Chu family.
Moreover, even though Chu Tian and Chu Xing were tricky, they were still a little measured and wouldn’t be too troublesome.
So the first thing they thought of was whether Chu Tian and Chu Xing had a car accident!
Everyone looked at Chu Hao and became nervous.
Chu Hao swallowed his saliva and shook his head and said, “No, they didn’t have a car accident. They said yes, they offended a big man, and they are now detained!”
Chu Guodong immediately knocked on the crutches and cursed: “It’s unreasonable, where is the person, who is so indifferent, and dare to slap my Chu family!”
Chu Hao looked over and said weakly, “Grandpa, this time, Chu Tian and Chu Xing seem to have really kicked the iron plate. Just now on the phone they said that they seem to be from Yandu, with a distinguished identity… ….”
Hearing this, Chu Guodong’s face immediately paled, and his body trembled twice.
As for the others, they panic even more.
For them, they understand the meaning of Chu Hao’s words. People from Yandu have a distinguished status. They are obviously big people, and they are definitely not something that a business family like the Chu family can provoke!
When Lin Ziming heard this, he also frowned slightly. In Province G, as long as it wasn’t for murder and arson, committing crimes, or committing crimes, he would be able to solve the big trouble. However, if it provokes the rich and powerful in Yandu, then it is indeed a bit troublesome.
Chu Huaxiong was also a little panicked at this moment. He quickly asked, “So what’s wrong with Chu Tian and Chu Xing? Where are the people? Alas, this bastard, he just didn’t listen. I knew I shouldn’t have done it yesterday. Let him go out! Make trouble for the family all day long! This time is good, and it has provoke the big people in Yandu. Now, no matter how rich we are in the Chu family, we can’t afford to offend it!”
As he said, he also glanced at Lin Ziming secretly. At this moment, Lin Ziming, a big boss, could help.
The mother-in-law Liu Suhong also understands this principle, and she immediately echoed: “Yes! These little rascals, if they fail to succeed, they will cause trouble! But we can’t die, we have to save them back. what.”
Lin Ziming is a human being. How can he not see the acting of his father-in-law and his mother-in-law? This is also a trouble for successful people. As the saying goes, a person who succeeds in being ascended to heaven, often after a person counterattacks, his position in the family and the circle is greatly improved, but the people around him will also swell because of their own strength. Getting up will inevitably cause trouble, and he will still have to wipe his butt.

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