A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1404

After Lin Ziming finished speaking, he left directly.
Now 3 minutes have passed, and he has to rush to Qiaodong within 17 minutes. This is an unimaginable thing for ordinary people. It is too difficult to do. You know, the straight-line distance to Qiaodong is nearly 50 kilometers!
But for Lin Ziming, it is not difficult.
At his current speed, he can actually arrive in less than 17 minutes.
Just kidding, the Dzogchen of Innate Realm, is it a joke?
He went straight to the top of the building, and then started running mode.
The trendy way of saying it is parkour, which can only be done by young people with good physical fitness and courage.
But Lin Ziming is almost the same as Qinggong. His body dived forward, the distance of the jump was hundreds of meters, the speed was extremely fast, and the speed was already close to the speed of sound.
Such a speed, even if people see it, it will only pass by in a flash, and it is invisible at all.
When Lin Ziming was still in the fourth stage of the Innate Realm, he ran through like this, but now, his cultivation base has greatly improved compared to before, and he has reached the terrifying Innate Realm Dzogchen, and when he runs, he is even more swift and violent.
Lin Ziming was running like this, with a rushing wind blowing from his ears on both sides, and there was an altitude of hundreds of meters below his feet, which really seemed to be flying.
He couldn’t help feeling surging. In the past two years, his martial arts have advanced by leaps and bounds, and he has already reached the peak of mankind. Looking back, he is still quite proud.
May I ask hundreds of millions of people in the world, who can achieve such an achievement?
Moreover, his achievements definitely go beyond that, waiting for him to break through to the legendary realm of the gods.
How happy is it again?
That day, the shocking battle between Huangpudao and Luo Tian, ​​the military god, left a huge impression on him. This is no longer a battle he can understand. He can imagine that once he reaches the realm of the gods, he will definitely usher in transformation.
Time passed by, Lin Ziming ran so fast, and didn’t consume too much physical strength, it took him fifteen minutes to reach the location.
His thoughts stretched out, and he sensed the happiness in the room.
Chu Tian and Chu Xing had already been beaten up, their bodies were bruised and bruised, and they were now kneeling on the ground. In the room, there were more than a dozen people, eight of whom were ordinary people with average aura. The other six people are masters, and two of them are masters of innate realm!
Although it was far from his realm, it was actually the third stage of the Innate Realm, which surprised Lin Ziming. How come there are innate realm masters everywhere now, if two years ago, innate realm masters still existed very rarely.
“Shao Qin, 20 minutes have passed, and this kid’s rescuer is still not coming. It seems that it is just an ant. Let’s just get rid of these short-eyed rubbish.”
A young man with arrogance and domineering said that when he finished speaking, he kicked Chu Tian hard and screamed.
“You can’t kill us! Our brother-in-law is Lin Ziming, he is very powerful! He is on his way now, if you really dare to attack us, my brother-in-law will definitely not let you go!” Chu Tian He gritted his teeth and said, his face is now swollen into a pig’s head, especially embarrassed.
Chu Xing also said quickly: “Yes, our brother-in-law is the number one master in G province and the chairman of Ziqiong Media. You had better let us go, otherwise you will be dead when our brother-in-law comes! ”
They said so, but their bodies were shaking so badly that they were obviously scared, and now they were just holding on to it.

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