A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1405

Sure enough, after they finished speaking, they were beaten again, “Death is imminent, and they dare to be hard-headed. I don’t know how to write death words!”
These young people in the middle, at first glance, know that they are the second generation who are used to being arrogant. The whole person’s momentum is very arrogant, watching everything. It seems that in this land of China, they are the overlords and can walk sideways. No need to put anyone in the eye at all.
They took Chu Tian and the others, just a fat beating, and they were particularly enjoyable, especially when they heard the screams and begging for mercy from Chu Tian and the others, it was particularly refreshing.
These days, they came to G Province to play, all the way arrogant and domineering, with two congenital realm masters by their side, they could almost walk sideways, and they just fell in love with a new girlfriend Chu Tian talked about, who used to be a gangster. Naturally, Chu Tian couldn’t give up. He slapped the opponent on the spot, but this caused trouble and was directly crushed by this group of people.
Chu Tian had been taught the most miserable right now. He was bruised and trembling, but he still didn’t beg for mercy and endured it hard.
“You rubbish, Lao Tzu, who is attracted to your woman, is giving you face and your blessing, so you dare to fight back? Lao Tzu gave you a face, right?” This second generation directly stepped on Chu Tian’s face and enjoyed it. Humiliated him, “Quickly apologize, or I will cut you off now.”
Chu Tian was in great pain. He had grown up so much that he had never suffered such a miserable humiliation. If he had changed his character, he would have been begging for mercy with tears in his nose and tears. But now, he became stubborn inexplicably, feeling angry in his heart, and felt that he couldn’t shame his brother-in-law Lin Ziming!
So no matter how painful he was, he didn’t say anything.
Chu Xing and the others were shocked when they saw that Chu Tian was so hard. This is not Chu Tian they knew. Chu Xing said softly, “Brother Tian, ​​you should lower your head, or you will really be beaten to death. They are all lunatics.”
“Yes, brother, we are in Qiaodong. No matter how good the brother-in-law is, it is impossible to come over within 20 minutes. The hero doesn’t suffer from immediate losses.”
“My God, apologize, you can’t lose a piece of meat.”
They all began to persuade Chu Tian, ​​but Chu Tian was still very hard. He spit out a mouthful of blood and said stiffly: “Bah! I won’t beg them for mercy! If they have the ability, they will kill me!”
His stubbornness directly annoyed them, “You are hard enough, I will see how hard you are! Give him a break in his legs first!”
Immediately, two people forcibly held Chu Tian’s legs, and then the second generation held a long iron rod in the hand, weighed it in their hands, looked cruel, “You tough guy is Okay, if I keep on doing this, let’s see if you can bear it!”
When Chu Tian saw this scene, his scalp was numb, and his face lost his blood.
He swallowed fiercely, but he still closed his mouth tightly and refused to give in. He had an inexplicable obsession in his heart, thinking that Lin Ziming would definitely be able to come and rescue him in time. Because in his mind, brother-in-law is omnipotent.
“If you don’t see the coffin, you won’t shed tears, then you will die to Lao Tzu!” The second generation’s expression became savage. He suddenly lifted the iron rod with both hands and slammed it down on Chu Tian’s leg!
At this moment, Chu Xing and the others were shocked.
It can be imagined that Chu Tian’s legs would definitely be scrapped after knocking it down like this. They couldn’t bear to look anymore and closed their eyes.

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