A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1407

But isn’t it? They looked around, but they didn’t find Lin Ziming, but now Lin Ziming suddenly appeared behind him, and still so close to him, normal people would be frightened.
Soon, when Qin Shao saw the playful expression on Lin Ziming’s face, he suddenly became irritated and cursed: “Hiding behind me and pretending to be a ghost, I think you are impatient! Get it on me, take this wicked pen! ”
Qin Shao waved his hand directly and attacked Lin Ziming. He was a master of Yandu and came to a small place like Huacheng. It can be said that he walked sideways. Someone dared to pretend in front of him, and now Lin Ziming is injured. The others didn’t say anything, and they even dared to scare him, causing him to lose face. This is something he can’t tolerate!
It can be seen that his status is very high. After hearing his order, the thugs immediately attacked Lin Ziming.
But those two innate realm masters did not act rashly. Generally speaking, in their identities, high above them, this kind of low-level battle does not require them to take action.
They had scanned Lin Ziming a while ago, and found that Lin Ziming was just an ordinary practitioner, and the aura on his body was not strong, so they didn’t look at him at all. If they knew that Lin Ziming was a master of Innate Realm Dzogchen, they would definitely tremble with fear.
Faced with this situation, Lin Ziming couldn’t even look at it. He directly waved his right hand. Each of these aggressive thugs seemed to have been hit by a bullet. They flew out at an extremely fast speed and fell heavily to the ground. , He puffed up blood.
Suddenly, everyone in the audience was dumbfounded, especially the second generations like Qin Shao. They were all dumbfounded and completely dumbfounded. They had never seen this kind of battle before, just like conjure. Lin Ziming didn’t even encounter this. Thugs, how come all these thugs fly out? Actor?
But soon, Chu Tian and Chu Xing shouted in excitement.
“Hahaha, brother-in-law is invincible!”
“Brother-in-law is strong, just slap all the rubbish!”
“Brother-in-law is mighty and domineering!”
They have strong confidence in Lin Ziming. Now that Lin Ziming appears, they have completely relaxed, especially Chu Tian, ​​his face is full of tears now, and he just feels that his patience just now is worth it, and he is not ashamed of his brother-in-law!
“This, what’s the situation!” Qin Shao couldn’t help but explode, he looked at the two Innate Realm masters.
Don’t mention them, even the two Innate Realm masters were surprised by Lin Ziming’s hand, because even they didn’t see clearly how Lin Ziming made the move, and his expression became dignified. They are not stupid. Soon I realized that Lin Ziming is not an ordinary person, but a master of innate realm just like them!
They looked at each other and saw the solemnity in each other’s eyes. One of them stood up and said: “It seems that we have missed it. You are still a master of innate realm. No wonder you are so arrogant.”
After Qin Shao heard this, he was stunned for a moment, and was quite surprised. Looking at such a young man, Lin Ziming was actually a master of the innate realm?
Humph, but, even if Lin Ziming is a master of the innate realm, what about it, in front of him, he is still an ant!

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