A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1412

“Don’t panic, we are from Yandu. Could we still be afraid that the mud legs will fail? No matter how high his martial arts is, he will only be mud legs!” Qin Shao pretended to say calmly, and everyone heard him say this slowly. Calm down.
He turned around and said: “The surname is Lin, I admit that I missed it this time. If you win, but don’t know what it is! We are the nobles from Yandu. Even in Yandu, our family can call the wind and rain. In a small place like your Huacheng, let alone stomping your feet, you can make your Huacheng upside down! This matter is a bit misunderstanding, I don’t know each other, I remember you Lin Ziming, I have time for you When I arrive at Yandu, I can entertain you personally. Now we are going back. You are a wise man and know what to do.”
What he said was very strong, and in his tone he dared to threaten Lin Ziming, and he didn’t put Lin Ziming in his eyes at all.
After Lin Ziming listened, he smiled and said, “It seems that you are still not aware of your current situation. Since this is the case, I have to make you sober.”
When Lin Ziming’s words fell, he moved, stepping forward, and striding towards the group of second generation ancestors.
This group of Second Generation Ancestors was shocked when they saw it, and quickly backed away. Although there were a few of them, they did not have the ability to fight back in front of Lin Ziming.
“Hey! I warn you not to mess around, but my dad…”
One of the second generation ancestors was swearing loudly, but when he hadn’t finished speaking, he was slapped in the face by Lin Ziming, slapped him fiercely on the face, knocked him upside down and flew out, half of his face was swollen.
Others were also frightened by Lin Ziming’s actions. They didn’t think that Lin Ziming was so stubborn, and he really dared to beat people. You know, they are the rich and powerful in Yandu. They have always been the only ones who bullied people, and where they were beaten. Passed, and now, Lin Ziming actually started this.
“You! You are dead, do you know who we are? You have to move our fingers…”
“Noisy.” Lin Ziming snorted impatiently, then shot again, and slapped it again. The second generation ancestor was beaten twice and fell to the ground in embarrassment, already embarrassed.
Bang bang bang…
Next, Lin Ziming made consecutive shots, slapped a second generation ancestor with one slap, and after a while, he slapped these second generation ancestors on the ground. Even their elders did not teach them this way.
Especially Qin Shao. In the end he was beaten, and two teeth were knocked out. The intense anger occupied his brain and made him lose control. He shouted loudly: “I am going to kill you!!”
He got up and rushed towards Lin Ziming in strides, shaking the Wang Ba fist in his hand, and he had no sense of reason. For such a second generation ancestor, Lin Ziming was more relaxed than swiping flies, facing Qin Shao’s other face, Another slap in the face, louder than before, directly slapped Qin Shao upside down and slammed to the ground.
Lin Ziming has never had any good feelings about this kind of evil second generation ancestor. He can expect that this group of guys, definitely don’t know how many people have been bullied, and he beaten it completely for the sake of heaven.
“You, you, you, you’re dead! You’re dead, I’ll tell you! I’m already angry, wait for you to die, I will let you copy the whole door after a phone call!” Qin Shao has no idea just now. His demeanor, his face is hideous, his face is red and swollen, how embarrassed and embarrassed he is.
Lin Ziming shook his head and said, “I never repent, you disappoint me.”
When the voice fell, Lin Ziming went over again. He lifted Qin Shaodan in his hand, opened his bow left and right, and slapped his face. The loud slap slapped the audience, making the second generation ancestors who were present numb their scalp. There was no longer the arrogance he had just now, looking at Lin Ziming, as if looking at the devil, completely scared.

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