A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1419

Since Tao Sanniang and Lin Ziming took that step and became real women, the whole person was full of glory, especially the feminine amorous feelings, more intense, and it was mouth-watering when they looked at them.
Tao Sanniang was originally born with a kind of charming bones, but now she has become a real woman, the charming attitude between her eyebrows, let alone, men and women kill each other, as long as they see her, they will have the idea of ​​crime.
Tao Sanniang was originally a very capable person, and now she is responsible for managing Lin Ziming’s business in Yuancheng, Lin Ziming is still very relieved. The facts have indeed proved this point. Tao Sanniang is very organized and creates a lot of value for Lin Ziming every day.
In fact, Lin Ziming felt a bit guilty for Tao Sanniang, because he knew that Tao Sanniang was too little with him, and he didn’t have the right to be a good man.
“Wow, who is this beauty, she is so beautiful, she is more beautiful than the stars on TV!”
“This look, this figure, it’s perfect, I really love it.”
“If you can marry such a woman, ten years of short life is worth it!”
“Ho ho, dream, don’t take a picture of yourself with soaking urine, just like you, let alone ten years, and a short life span of 50 years will not be able to find a beauty of this level.”
“Let’s wash and sleep, even the president of the Lin Group doesn’t even know about it. I am ashamed to say that I am a native of Yuancheng. They are the masters with a net worth of over ten billion, and it is impossible to look at you if they are blind.
Many people were silent when they heard the words Lin Group. As a native of Yuancheng, I have heard of the Lin Group. This is a huge consortium established within a short period of time, with assets of more than 100 billion yuan. Even the original richest man in Yuancheng, Jiang Liqun, belongs to the Lin Group. Subordinates.
But who is the boss behind the Lin Group is a mystery to ordinary people.
Over the past few days, many people in Yuancheng have been discussing this mysterious boss. Some people have speculated that it is a big man from Yandu, and some people have guessed that it is a foreign capitalist. Without exception, they all think that this mysterious boss is definitely It is an old man who has accumulated so much wealth in most of his life.
But they would never expect that this mysterious boss stood in front of them, dressed plainly and plainly.
After Tao Sanniang came out, she saw so many people standing at the door, and her eyes were full of covetousness. She frowned slightly, and her charming face became cold.
Since becoming Lin Ziming’s woman, she has put away her charm and became cold, not because she collided, but her charm only belongs to Lin Ziming from now on.
“President Tao, you still have a banquet to attend tonight, are you going to prepare now?” Tao Sanniang’s secretary said respectfully after coming out of the building.
Tao Sanniang rubbed her temples, feeling a little tired, not physically, but mentally, because she hadn’t had a rest for a long time. Especially the miss of Lin Ziming has reached a strong point. She has not seen Lin Ziming for more than a month, and at most it is usually a video.
She didn’t even go to Huacheng to find Lin Ziming, not because she didn’t dare, but because she didn’t want Lin Ziming to be embarrassed, she could only wait and wait forever to be the woman behind Lin Ziming who gave silently. Just as she promised when she was pursuing Lin Ziming, perhaps in the eyes of outsiders, her approach was stupid. On her terms, as long as she was casual, what kind of man could not be found? But she just wants to be Lin Ziming’s woman, she doesn’t like other men.

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