A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1424

So he waved his big hand, and immediately came out four big hands, all holding weapons in his hands, and strode towards Lin Ziming.
Lin Ziming is already very familiar with this kind of thing, and for him, it’s just a matter of frustration.
However, just when he was about to do it, Tao Sanniang said, “Ziming, give it to me this time.”
Lin Ziming was taken aback, and then he saw the serious and angry look in Tao Sanniang’s eyes, and he nodded in agreement.
In terms of Tao Sanniang’s skill, it was completely enough to deal with these dozen or so small defuncts.
Xu Bing saw Lin Ziming hiding behind Tao Sanniang as a man, and despised Lin Ziming even more. He mocked Lin Ziming without hesitation: “Hahaha, you rubbish, you are still hiding behind a woman. You are really not a man.” , Lost the man’s face!”
Those thugs also shook their heads, making no secret of their contempt and sneer at Lin Ziming.
“Beauty, are you sure you want to do it with us? We are rough people, we are very heavy, wait a minute to ravage you, don’t cry.”
“Hey, I’ve been fucking for so many years, and I haven’t beaten any beauties, tusk.”
“This girl is in very good shape, wait for the elder brothers to go down with the club, but I’m going to scream, haha.”
“Beauty, don’t listen to them, brother will pity you, hahaha.”
Each of these four thugs smiled wretchedly than the other. They looked up and down Tao Sanniang. They didn’t even put Tao Sanniang in their eyes. In their opinion, what kind of fighting power could a beautiful girl like Tao Sanniang have? When they start, they can still eat tofu, which is also a wonderful thing.
Who is Tao Sanniang? Where can I not see their nasty thoughts? Suddenly, her face became colder and anger flashed in her eyes.
After Lin Ziming’s training, she has already broken through from her original master realm to the peak of the day after tomorrow, and dealt with these little vultures.
“Looking for death.” She snorted coldly, and then began to take a shot, dashing forward, against the four thugs, an attack, four slaps, almost simultaneously slapped the four of them in the face, so strong, they beat them They were all dumbfounded.
Immediately afterwards, Tao Sanniang still didn’t stop. She took advantage of the victory to chase and punched out a combination of punches, fast and swift, and in less than ten seconds, she beat the four big thugs to the ground. Everyone groaned in pain on the ground.
She said disdainfully: “Trash, vulnerable.”
This scene happened too quickly, and the visual impact it brought to people was very strong. Tao Sanniang, such a delicate woman, could actually fight so well, and it was too unreal.
Especially Xu Bing, his eyes widened, like hell.
Next, Tao Sanniang said coldly to Xu Bing: “Are you knelt down and apologize, or wait for me to do it.”

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