A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1425

Xu Bingren was stupid, and it took a long time to react. It was not the first day that he knew Tao Sanniang, but he never knew that Tao Sanniang was able to fight so well. This is simply ruining Sanguan.
Not only him, but the people present were also stunned. For ordinary people like them, in their fixed thinking, women are considered to be a disadvantaged group, and they have no power to restrain the chicken. If they are against men, they are being bullied. How could she be so vigorous as Tao Sanniang!
The most important thing is that Tao Sanniang is not the kind of man who looks like a big five and three rough men, but a big beauty. This difference is too big.
“You, do you know how to martial arts?” Xu Bing frowned and asked.
Tao Sanniang had the patience to wrestle with him, and said directly: “I count to three, and you don’t kowtow to admit your mistakes. When I take the shot, it won’t be that simple.”
The current Tao Sanniang looked extremely domineering, but he had a bit of Lin Ziming’s aura, which was quite frightening.
Xu Bing swallowed. Seeing the threat in Tao Sanniang’s eyes, he only felt a little scalp numb and persuaded.
But the thugs who came with him were more irritable. In addition, they had a large number of people and weapons in their hands. They had confidence and temper. A tall bald head yelled and said loudly: “I said Mr. Xu, You’re afraid of a hammer. No matter how powerful this lady is, where can you go? Our brothers will go on together, and we won’t believe that she will be injustice! Waiting for the brothers to take her down, it’s not at your disposal.”
When Xu Bing heard this, his eyes suddenly brightened. Yes, Tao Sanniang is just a female classmate. Where can he go no matter how powerful he is? He still has more than ten tough thugs here, and he will be swarming. Don’t believe in the injustice Tao Sanniang.
Especially, Tao Sanniang’s perfect figure, once she gets on the bed, she will definitely be happier than the gods!
The evil thoughts in his heart occupied his reason. He gritted his teeth, waved his hand boldly, and said loudly: “Yes! This girl, I am afraid that she will get the ball! Brothers, if you can handle her today, I will give it to him alone. You 20,000!”
He is also a bloodbath, anyway, he has offended Tao Sanniang, normal pursuit is not expected, it is better to use strong means to conquer Tao Sanniang.
The thought of Tao Sanniang such a superb woman on the bed, he was so excited, constantly gearing up.
When the thugs heard what he said, they opened their eyes one by one, as if they had been beaten with blood, they all became excited, clenched the weapons in their hands, and began to pounce on Tao Sanniang.
They are full of confidence. They are all professional fighters, and they don’t usually beat people. Even those fighters who fight in the game have to kneel in front of them. Now it is not a matter of dealing with a beautiful girl.
However, their ideas are very good, but the reality slapped them severely.
Tao Sanniang didn’t see the slightest panic. Instead, she sneered, her eyes radiant, and she rushed forward instead of retreating, and then she fisted.
Tao Sanniang, as the pinnacle master of the day after tomorrow, has been taught by Lin Ziming, she is very strong, and facing these ordinary people who have no basis in martial arts, there is no difference between them and the wolf entering the flock.
Even if they have weapons.
Bang bang bang…
Bang bang bang…
Tao Sanniang shot again and again, so fast that their thugs couldn’t respond, and she was hit. And even though Tao Sanniang was a woman, her strength was not small. She hit them with one punch and one kick. Let them have a good meal.
So it took only a minute or so to add up. These ten thugs were solved by Tao Sanniang, and they all fell to the ground, howling in pain, and losing their combat effectiveness.

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