A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1426

Xu Bing was dumbfounded, completely dumbfounded, unable to react.
Many passers-by were also stunned and looked at Tao Sanniang with admiration. Some men who had secretly looked at Tao Sanniang’s body now dare not look at them, for fear that they might provoke Tao Sanniang, the evil female star.
Tao Sanniang took a breath. Although she is an acquired pinnacle master, she still lacks physical strength compared to men. In addition, she rarely fights and controls her physical strength. Now she is sweating slightly.
When her face was reddened, she looked even more feminine, especially when she turned her head back and smiled at Lin Ziming, like a little girl who wanted to be appreciated by her elders, especially cute.
Lin Ziming gave her a thumbs up without hesitation and praised her for doing well, and she smiled more brilliantly.
Next, she looked at Xu Bing, and within a second she became cold, and walked slowly over, with a huge aura. She immediately pressed Xu Bing’s face pale, her feet trembled, and she couldn’t run away even if she wanted to run.
“It’s your turn now.” Tao Sanniang said coldly, full of threats.
Xu Bing was originally a timid man. He usually relied on his wealth to deceive good and fear evil. In this situation, he is even more so frightened that he kneels down and slaps himself constantly, begging for mercy: “President Tao, I don’t. Dare, I beg Mr. Tao to let it go…”
How could Tao Sanniang let him go so easily, after passing by, she kicked him directly on the face, kicked him to the ground, and his nose bleeds wildly.
This kick was not light, Xu Bing’s nose was broken and he made a humming sound. Tao Sanniang didn’t let him go so easily, but kicked him a few times. , Kicked him so badly, and let him go.
“Xu Bing, I warn you, and next time, I will let you not be a man! You remember!” Tao Sanniang looked down at him condescendingly.
Where did Xu Bing dare to talk back now? He was so afraid of Tao Sanniang that he nodded quickly, like that, the more embarrassed he would be.
Tao Sanniang returned to Lin Ziming’s side, and immediately changed into a charming posture, smiling very sweetly, Xiaoniaiyiren, and her brutal appearance just now, completely two people.
“Ziming, do you think I’m very rude?” Tao Sanniang asked cautiously.
Lin Ziming lightly scratched her Qiong nose and smiled: “You are violent, then am I violent?”
Tao Sanniang breathed a sigh of relief, and then she blinked her eyes with a smirk, and said, “Hey, I hope you will be cruel to me tonight. The slave family would like to see it.”
Lin Ziming: “…………”
How could he not understand Tao Sanniang’s words, this is clearly a hint.
“Cough cough.” He coughed quickly to cover up his strangeness.
Next, they didn’t have to go shopping anymore, went to eat something together, and then went back to Tao Sanniang’s residence.
Some time ago, Tao Sanniang bought a house in Yuancheng, which has been renovated, specifically for Lin Ziming to have a place to live when he came to Yuancheng.
Now, she finally waited for this opportunity.

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