A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1428

However, the clown didn’t care about this, his expression was still very shocked, and his reaction was extremely excited. He thought that Lin Ziming was crazy, that’s why he had such an idea!
Isn’t it? With Lin Ziming’s current identity, Luo Tian headquarters used to be purely seeking death!
Not to mention the high and invincible Saint King, the sword Rushuang, and the two northwestern kings, Lin Ziming can’t fight!
So the clown, when he heard Lin Ziming’s words for the first time, he thought Lin Ziming was crazy, otherwise he was joking!
Lin Ziming seemed to have expected it a long time ago. The clown would have such a reaction. Without the slightest surprise, he nodded and said: “I have already decided. You tell me the address of Luo Tian’s headquarters.”
During this time, after Lin Ziming’s treatment, the clown recovered some of his hearing. Although he was not as sharp as a normal person, he could at least hear some loud words, and Lin Ziming’s words used infuriating energy and sounded in his ears. , He can hear it naturally.
The clown refused if he wanted to, and he said firmly: “I won’t tell you! With your current strength, go to Luotian headquarters, that is to die!”
Lin Ziming said lightly: “I have a reason to go.”
“What reason?” The clown stared at him tightly.
Lin Ziming answered right away, but some memories appeared in his eyes. Just yesterday, he received a piece of information.
“Come on to Luo Tian, ‚Äč‚Äčauntie, how much time is there now.”
This information was sent from an unfamiliar number, which seemed a bit inexplicable, but when Lin Ziming saw this information, his pupils suddenly contracted, and his breathing became rapid. He reacted in an instant, this was the message that Nishang had sent him, and the aunt mentioned in it was his biological mother, Qin Yuehua!
Lin Ziming called back immediately, but the message was that it could not be connected.
Soon Lin Ziming replied, but there was still no response. Lin Ziming realized that there must be something wrong with his mother, otherwise Nishang would not send him this information, and he could not be contacted.
Originally, Lin Ziming planned to go to Luotian headquarters to find his mother later, but now, he can’t afford to delay, and he can’t bear the accident of his mother!
Lin Ziming showed the information directly to the clown. After the clown finished reading, he was silent, his face was very ugly, and he was innocent.
His expression changed intricately, his mouth opened, and he wanted to say something, but in the end, he didn’t say anything, and finally became decadent. He sighed and said: “Master, you can think about it. With your current cultivation base, going to Luotian headquarters is no different from looking for death.”
“I know.” Lin Ziming nodded flatly.
“then you……”
Lin Ziming interrupted him and said, “Then what do you tell me to do, be indifferent, and not save me? That’s my mother, who gave birth to me and raised me!”
After saying this, Lin Ziming’s eyes were a little flushed, and the kind and gentle appearance of his mother appeared before his eyes.
In fact, over the years, he really missed his mother, but he never showed it in front of outsiders.
No matter how great a person is in this world, no matter how old he is, his parents will always be the harbor in his heart, and after a person loses his parents, it means that in this world, there is no support and only the way back is left.
No one can understand how strong the longing for his mother in his heart is.
He has always thought that he is not a peerless genius. The reason why he broke through so quickly is not because of his talent, but the strong motivation in his heart.

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