A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1433

Lin Ziming took a deep breath, then strode over.
The deeper you go, the more you can discover that this mountain forest is not simple. From the moment he just came in, he was stared at, and his eyes were fixed on him.
And also a master of innate realm.
Lin Ziming pretended not to know, and continued to move forward.
He hides his breath now, and wears simple clothes, looking like a traveler who has come to enjoy the mountains and rivers.
When he came, his mood was very surging, and he had thought of many things in his mind, but when he set foot on this land, his mood calmed down and returned to nature.
Because he has nothing to entangle, at this point, there is only one way in front of him, so he can just go on.
Even if this road fails, then he will not regret it, at least he can see his mother.
This mountain forest is very dense, and the trees inside are very tall. At first glance, they have a history of a hundred years, and there are many fierce beasts and poisonous insects inside. Walking inside, Lin Ziming has a feeling, as if time has traveled. Ancient.
Because apart from here, he has no place to see such a natural breath, and there is no trace of man-made.
Moreover, this mountain forest is very large, which is equivalent to a large forest. If it weren’t for the clown to tell him, he would not find this place at all, even with satellites, it would be difficult to find.
With the method of Luo Tian organization, it must use high-tech methods to cover satellite reconnaissance. Ordinary people can’t find it when they arrive here. Even if it is a hostile force, it is difficult to find out if you don’t know the specific location. .
This congenital realm master didn’t seem to know him, and he didn’t see his true strength, his eyes stayed on him for a while, and then he moved away.
Obviously, he regarded Lin Ziming as an ordinary person.
Because there are people who come here to explore occasionally. Lin Ziming felt that in the mountains and forests, there are several groups of ordinary people here. They all have equipment on their bodies, and they are obviously travel companions.
Walking along, Lin Ziming also met some of them.
“Hi, my friend, are you also a fellow traveler who has come to explore the mountains and forests?”
Lin Ziming was walking leisurely in the courtyard. At this time, seven or eight people came from the side. All of them were wearing professional clothing and a lot of tools. At first glance, they were here to explore. Their clothing, It is made of special material and is very tough. Ordinary people use a knife and will not be able to cut it for a while.
Judging from their appearance, they seem to be quite rich, not from ordinary families.
Lin Ziming nodded, tacitly acquiescing, and then continued to move forward.
He doesn’t want to be too entangled with these people, he comes here, but he has to do big things.
However, he doesn’t want to talk to him, it doesn’t mean that the other party won’t talk to him either.
Soon after they walked over, they were surprised to see that Lin Ziming was wearing very simple casual clothes.
“My friend, why do you come to the green mountains and forests in this suit, don’t you know that there are many beasts, snakes, insects, rats and ants here!”

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