A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1434

A young man in the team opened his eyes wide, and said in surprise, the others also thought that Lin Ziming was too stunned. If this equipment came over, wouldn’t it be death!
Lin Ziming didn’t want to waste time, nodded lightly and said, “I am different from you.”
He didn’t lie, he was indeed different, but what he said to this group of donkey friends turned into arrogance and ignorance. One of them immediately said disdainfully: “You shouldn’t Think of it as a master yourself. This is the green mountains and forests. It is notoriously ferocious. Even local hunters must be careful when they come here to hunt.”
There was a woman who seemed to be more kind-hearted. She said, “My friend, you may be here for the first time. I don’t know the sinisterness here. The conditions here are very bad. We just ran into a boar on the way. And cheetahs are particularly fierce. If it weren’t for our good equipment, something has happened now… By the way, how about your teammates, how can you see it?”
This woman looks pretty, and her eyes are clearer, she can see that she is more warm-hearted. Looking at the performance of several other men, it is obviously interesting to her if her eyes are fixed on her.
Lin Ziming always stretches out his hand not to hit the smiley. This woman really cares about him, and he doesn’t treat others with a cold face, saying: “I’m here alone. Don’t worry about it, I don’t care.”
Hearing that he was here alone and wearing this suit, these seven or eight people felt very unbelievable. They thought that Lin Ziming had a mental problem. Otherwise, how could he die like this!
This is in the green mountains and forests, with how many beasts, snakes, insects, rats and ants are in it, and the deeper it goes, the greater the danger, so many explorers dare not come easily.
Moreover, now that they have entered the inner circle, there are already a lot of beasts, even if they have eight people, they dare not take it lightly. But the guy in front of him is so arrogant…No, it’s not arrogant, but dying, not arrogant!
“You’re bragging, where are the green mountains and forests, do you dare to come by yourself? And you don’t have any equipment, and you are wearing ordinary clothes. If you encounter a beast, you will be dead!” The young man said just now, his tone full of disdain.
I think Lin Ziming must be sensationalizing, otherwise he is deliberately showing off.
However, to show the limelight in the green mountains and forests, that is, the birthday star hangs himself, and his life is too long.
Others haven’t finished speaking, but looking at their expressions, they have the same idea, thinking that Lin Ziming is not bragging, that is crazy.
They are all relatively senior explorers, but they all don’t have such a big tone. They come to the green mountains and forests alone, not to mention, they are completely lightly loaded.
Lin Ziming didn’t bother to pay attention to them, clasped his fists, and said, “I have something to do. Let’s go ahead.”
After speaking, he turned to leave.
The beautiful woman just now bit her lip and said, “Wait a minute!”
Then, she took a step forward and said seriously to Lin Ziming: “The green mountains and forests are really dangerous. You are alone and you are not equipped. You can’t live here for two days. Why don’t you walk with us? ?”
The expression in her eyes revealed kindness and intolerance, as if she couldn’t bear to see Lin Ziming die like this, it was a life anyway.
Lin Ziming shook his head and was about to refuse. Suddenly, he felt something and frowned.
Looking in one direction, I only saw a dozen tall wolves walking step by step with green light in their eyes.
“No, there are wolves!”
The group of explorers immediately screamed and panicked.

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