A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1440

He said coldly: “Whoever wants to plead for Qin Yuehua, stand up for this seat.”
The eyes swept across the people in the hall, and no one dared to look at him, even the kings of the other three regions were silent.
Some people who have received the favor of Qin Yuehua, although they feel that Qin Yuehua is not guilty of death, they dare not speak. At this time, offending the sword is like frost, then there is no difference between seeking death.
Jian Rushuang snorted and said sarcastically, “Qin Yuehua, it seems that you are a failure. After operating in Luo Tian for so many years, no one is willing to intercede for you.”
Qin Yuehua’s face was cold, and she couldn’t see her thoughts anymore.
Only the neon clothes can feel her. Her skin is cold, her eyes are cold, and her heart is cold.
“Jian Rushuang, since you want to kill me, with your identity, why bother to pretend to be here and just do it directly.” Qin Yuehua said blankly.
Jian Rushuang took a few steps forward, walked again in front of Qin Yuehua, condescendingly, looking down at Qin Yuehua, “I will ask you one last time, are you convicted?”
Qin Yuehua was silent.
“Qin Yuehua, I count to three. If you don’t plead guilty, don’t blame me for not remembering the old feelings, and throwing you and the neon clothes into the Ugly Hantang.” Jian Rushuang said with a smile.
Hearing this, Qin Yuehua’s face suddenly changed, “Sword Rushuang, do you dare?! I am a saint from the previous generation at any rate, you throw me into the Ugly Han Hall, are you still a human!”
When other people heard this, their expressions changed a bit, and their eyes looked at Jian Rushuang, a little more repellent.
Ugly Han Hall, that is the special existence of Luo Tian organization, there are a group of ugly men with no humanity in it, if a woman enters, it is hell, life is better than death!
In any case, Qin Yuehua is a saint of the previous generation, and she has made many contributions to Luo Tian organization, and Qin Yuehua is still a woman of the holy king in name. If Jian Rushuang really threw Qin Yuehua into the Ugly Han Hall, it would be true. It’s too much.
Besides, Nishang didn’t have any guilt, but he just stood up and pleaded for Qin Yuehua, and even this would have to be thrown into the Ugly Hantang. What kind of humanity is there?
Jian Rushuang sneered and started counting directly: “One, two…”
Qin Yuehua’s body was trembling violently, she was going crazy with anger, Jian Rushuang actually threatened her with this, it was not human!
There was also fear and panic on Nishang’s face. She could accept death, but to be thrown into the Ugly Hall and accept abuse and humiliation, it would be better to die than life!
At this moment, another person stood up, frowned, and said: “Sword Rushuang, have you done this, after all, Qin Yuehua is a saint of the previous generation, and the sin does not end here.”
The person talking was an old man with a face of Chinese characters, he was the king of the Northern Territory, and had friendship with Qin Yuehua.
However, Jian Rushuang just looked at him coldly, “Northern King, are you teaching me to do things?”
When Jian Rushuang glared at him like this, the Northern Territory King immediately shook his head and said, “I don’t mean it, I just want to be fair.”
“Hmph, this matter is up to me, it’s not your turn to be around!” Jian Rushuang’s attitude was very tough.
The Northern Heavenly King’s face was ugly, but he didn’t dare to talk back anymore. After all, his strength, compared with Jian Rushuang, was indeed a bit inferior.

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