A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1441

He sighed inwardly. Although he was very upset with Jian Rushuang, he did not dare to disobey Jian Rushuang, so he could only shrink back. He glanced at Qin Yuehua and couldn’t help feeling sorry.
Qin Yuehua, as a saint of the previous generation, is also a martial arts genius. At her young age, she is innate. As long as Qin Yuehua is given a little time, with Qin Yuehua’s qualifications and the resources of Luo Tian’s organization, it is a good way to break through the power of King Kong. Circumstances, become a well-deserved biological mother.
It’s a pity that Qin Yuehua finally took a crooked road, fell into the mortal world, married a mortal, and gave birth to a child.
Jian Rushuang snorted, and he began to count three.
At this moment, Qin Yuehua spoke, “I, plead guilty.”
After saying this, it seemed as if all her strength had been spent, and the expression in her eyes instantly lost her brilliance, and she wouldn’t even be able to shed tears, as if she had become a body without a soul.
Nishang immediately shouted: “Auntie! You can’t confess your guilt, you are not guilty at all!”
Qin Yuehua didn’t answer her, but raised her head and said to Jian Rushuang: “I’m doing things all by myself. Now I have pleaded guilty. You can just execute me alone. It has nothing to do with Nishang.”
She said this expressionlessly and coldly.
Jian Rushuang said: “Death crime can be avoided and life crime cannot be escaped. The neon clothes are daring. These days, I ran to Huacheng repeatedly and went to the wild plant Lin Ziming to instruct Lin Ziming’s martial arts, and he also cultivated with Lin Ziming, and used the power of extreme Yin. It was taught to Lin Ziming, and Lin Ziming’s cultivation base rose sharply within a short period of time, leading to the death of the Southern Heavenly King Lei Zhen, which was extremely sinful.
After a pause, he stared at the neon clothes, revealing a trace of cruelty, “When you abolish one’s cultivation base, enter the cold valley!”
“You!!!” Qin Yuehua suddenly widened her eyes when she heard this, and became angry again. Jian Rushuang is really shameless, and she has no morals at all.
Nishang had no sin in the first place. Over the years, he has made so much credit for the Luo Tian organization, and now he has achieved this result!
Many people present also frowned, but with what happened just now, no one dared to stand up and speak for the neon clothes.
I just feel that Jian Rushuang’s approach is too much.
Jian Rushuang sneered again and again, seeming to enjoy Qin Yuehua’s anger and anger, but powerlessness.
Qin Yuehua took a deep breath, and gritted her teeth and said: “Sword Rushuang, you, as the majestic Eastern Heaven King, the first person in the realm of the gods, are you as familiar as a junior!”
“State-owned and national laws, families have family rules, no rules and no rules, and Nishang commits a crime, you should be punished.” Jian Rushuang stood with his hand, his aura spread out, sweeping everyone, no wind and waves, full of power .
He was obviously a young man, but he was extremely majestic, and looked very violent.
Qin Yuehua is not stupid, she can see that Jian Rushuang is doing this, just forcing her to give in, in order to retaliate for her contradiction just now.
She clenched her fists hard, and finally said: “You just want me to bow to you, as long as you are willing to put on the neon clothes, I will do whatever you want me.”
Jian Rushuang said: “Knock your head to this seat and admit your mistakes.”
Qin Yuehua was not surprised by these words, Jian Rushuang just wanted to humiliate her in a different way.
If it is because of herself, she would rather die than surrender, but now, she can’t let the neon clothes be affected by her.
So she let go of the neon clothes, and began to prepare to kneel.
Nishang saw this scene and called out: “Auntie, no!”
Qin Yuehua didn’t stop, she was about to kneel when she saw it.
At this moment, from the huge statue in the main hall, a magnificent voice suddenly rang, like the words of heaven.
“Enough, Qin Yuehua is guilty, so I asked Zhan in the afternoon.”

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