A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1443

Qin Yuehua was shocked when she heard this, and her reaction was particularly great!
“Did you tell Ziming?”
Nishang nodded and said: “Yes, auntie, in this situation, only Ziming can save us.”
Qin Yuehua was very angry by the neon clothes, pointing at the neon clothes, her body was trembling, “Nine clothes, you are confused! You are called Ziming to die!”
Nishang bit her lip and said, “But auntie, this is the only chance to save you. I can’t give up easily.”
“You, you…” Qin Yuehua was very annoyed, stared at the neon clothes for a while, trying to curse, but when the words came to her lips, she still held back, and sighed instead and said: “But you I have thought about it, Ziming is here, he can’t save us, he can only come to bury us.”
Nishang lowered her head, ashamed and regret appeared on her face. In fact, before she sent the information, she had thought a lot about it. If Lin Ziming came to save people, it would really be a life of nine deaths. But she had no way, she couldn’t just watch her aunt being executed.
Qin Yuehua sat down sullenly, despair and sadness appeared on her face.
On Lin Ziming’s side, he has now reached the depths of the mountains and forests. When he is here, he can clearly feel that he is already very close to the Luo Tian organization. Here, there are suddenly fierce beasts and snakes, insects and rats. Ants seemed so silent.
He didn’t know what technology Luo Tian organization used. He couldn’t see the appearance of Luo Tian organization at first glance, but he could clearly feel that Luo Tian headquarters was right in front of him.
He stood still, staring straight ahead, and then his lips rose slightly. He had discovered the Ni Duan of Luo Tian organization, who was in front of him.
Just as he walked forward again, at this moment, two people walked out from behind the big trees on both sides.
The aura is strong, the figure is also very burly, piercing and energetic, and the clothes he wears are still ancient clothes, which seems quite contrary to this era.
They stared at Lin Ziming and scolded in a deep voice: “Mortals stop, this is not a place you can reach, leave immediately.”
They are two masters at the pinnacle of the day after tomorrow, and their strength is not bad.
However, it was not these two acquired pinnacle masters that caught Lin Ziming’s attention, but the innate realm masters hidden in the shadows, whose cultivation reached the third stage.
“A mortal?” Lin Ziming smiled, and said, “You don’t have much strength, but your tone is arrogant.”
“Presumptuous!” One of the big guys immediately crossed his brows and angered, his roaring voice was particularly loud and powerful, quite a bit of the power of a lion roar, but unfortunately he was just an ant at the peak of the day after tomorrow, and he was still too weak for a super expert like Lin Ziming. some.
I just stepped forward, sternly, and said in an absolutely domineering tone: “Mortal, I don’t know how you found this place, leave quickly! Otherwise, don’t blame us for adding swords and axes!”
His body is particularly burly, with a full 1.9 meters, and his muscular body is also big and thick, looking like an iron tower.
And the other big man beside him was equally scary, but from a visual point of view, Lin Ziming was just like a child in front of them.
Lin Ziming certainly won’t have any mood swings. He said lightly: “I’m here to visit Luo Tian organization.”
Upon hearing this, the two big men’s pupils shrank suddenly, and a terrifying fierce light broke out in their eyes. They knew at first sight that they were shocked and realized that Lin Ziming is not a mortal, because mortals are not. Will know the name of Luo Tian organization!

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