A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1446

The old man became frightened again, Lin Ziming’s strength was too strong, he saw the shadow of Jian Rushuang on Lin Ziming…
“Don’t kill me, please…” the old man begged bitterly.
Lin Ziming took a deep breath, his clenched fist slowly relaxed.
For this old man, Lin Ziming didn’t have any hands on it, because Lin Ziming knew that even if he didn’t do it by himself, the old man would not live long.
He strode directly in.
I don’t know what high-tech technology Luo Tian organization uses. The door of Luo Tian organization is clearly right in front of him, but with his naked eyes, he can’t find it. He has to rely on his own consciousness to find the direction of the door.
As soon as he entered, Lin Ziming immediately felt a subtle resistance, repelling him, a very strange feeling.
But the strength is not great.
Lin Ziming stepped in and walked in.
After coming in, what I saw was another scene.
Inside, the four seasons are like spring, the climate is pleasant, there are retro buildings everywhere, and the fragrance of the air.
And the people in it are all wearing ancient clothes. The lowest level of cultivation is in the realm of masters, most of them are at the peak of the acquired, and there are many people who are masters in the innate realm.
After Lin Ziming walked in, he involuntarily thought of a word, Xanadu.
Here is the meaning of Xanadu in Tao Yuanming’s Peach Blossom Spring.
This is Luo Tian’s headquarters. Lin Ziming took a deep breath, his mood was quite complicated.
His coming in didn’t cause any abnormality, and even people passing by didn’t notice him.
Because in their impression, Luo Tian headquarters is an absolutely secret existence. Even high-level Chinese officials cannot find their address using high-tech technology. They have lived in this subconscious mind for decades.
Even if Lin Ziming’s face looked unfamiliar, it was just a new member.
So after Lin Ziming came in, he relaxed even more.
When he discovered this situation, he was not nervous anymore. But he didn’t relax completely, because he still had big things to do.
He walked in all the way, intending to find the location of his mother Qin Yuehua and Nishang. The best way is to sneak away mother and Nishang without disturbing Luo Tian’s organization. This is the safest way.
I have to say that Luo Tian’s headquarters is really big. He has been shopping here for more than an hour, but he hasn’t finished shopping. And the more he walked around, the more surprised he was. Before he came, he would never have thought that Luo Tian headquarters was so huge that it could be called a small city!
Here, the ecology is complete and there are everything, not only powerful fighters, but also various high-level scientific research experts, and there are talents in biology, communications, machinery, medicine, military and other fields.
It’s no wonder that even China is so jealous of the Luo Tian organization, the strength of this Luo Tian organization is too terrifying!
As he walked around, Lin Ziming’s heart sank. If he couldn’t find his mother Qin Yuehua and Nishang, it would be really difficult for him to take them out!
At this moment, he heard someone discussing behind him: “You heard that you have a sword like the Frost King, and he will execute the previous saint and Lord Nishang…”

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