A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1449

Taking a deep breath again, Lin Ziming forced himself to calm down, his head running quickly.
The more you have this, the more you have to be calm.
First of all, it must be certain that it is impossible for him to take away his mother and neon clothes from the expert Luotian organization by force.
Needless to say, there is also the unfathomable holy king who has been out of the realm of mortals.
So he has to outwit.
But how to outsmart him, he still has to find a way.
At this moment, under the leadership of many people, mother Qin Yuehua and Nishang arrived in a majestic place.
Here, there have been many, many people, layer after layer, and there are a total of two to three thousand people, all of whom are members of the Luo Tian organization, and a considerable part of them are the peaks of the acquired, and there are even many top masters in the innate realm.
This can be said to be a terrifying force.
After Lin Ziming saw it, his heart became even heavier.
With so many people, even if everyone spit, he could drown him.
It seems that this time, the possibility of him wanting to take his mother and neon clothes out is extremely slim.
At this moment, Lin Ziming thought about many, many things. He was never afraid of death, but he was afraid that his death would bring sadness to many people.
He sighed long in his heart, but now that he has no other choice, he can only go on gritted teeth.
If he is really a short-lived species, then he would admit it.
Soon, Qin Yuehua and the neon clothes were taken to the center. There was a huge table in front of them, and a huge tripod, which looked like a place for sacrifice.
Qin Yuehua and Ni Chang knelt down, Lin Ziming was in the crowd, watching this scene, he clenched his fist tightly.
“Hey, it’s you? Where did you go just now, and we have been looking for you because of it.”
It was the two little people who were questioning just now. They saw Lin Ziming and immediately came over to say hello and patted Lin Ziming’s hand affectionately.
But Lin Ziming’s face was heavy and he didn’t speak.
“Why, still thinking about what I just said? Listen to the words of brother, little people should have the consciousness of little people, don’t say things that shouldn’t be said, don’t think about things that shouldn’t be thought of, you know? Take a good look, Sword Rushuang Tianwang will do it right away. About to arrive.”
“Junior Brother, you are a good fellow. Wait for the sword to be like the Frost King, ask if you kill these two people, we will go to the bar together.”
People around me felt very strange when they saw Lin Ziming. They hadn’t seen them before, and they looked over. Some people asked Lin Ziming which department he belonged to, but Lin Ziming didn’t answer them. In their eyes, they were successful. After being shy, they all thought that Lin Ziming should be a newcomer who had just joined.
When it was said that it was too late, Jian Rushuang appeared, as if he had come from the horizon, suddenly appeared on the altar, his clothes fluttered and looked very immortal, as if he was a person among gods.
And he came with two other heavenly kings.
“Qin Yuehua, as a saint, she is unclean and self-conscious, and she has fallen into the mortal world without permission, and huddled with mortals outside, gave birth to wild species, without shame, and embarrassed the organization…”
There was an old man with a scroll in his hand, and he began to recite Qin Yuehua’s sins eloquently. After ten minutes, he listed a lot of Qin Yuehua’s sins. In his mouth, Qin Yuehua turned into a watery, shameless, shameless woman.

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