A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1451

At this moment, I saw the executioner’s knife about to be cut off. Suddenly, two coins flew out from the crowd. They shook twice and pierced through the air. The speed was so fast that it exceeded the speed of sound, and the air was about to be torn away. It’s the same.
It was completely instantaneous, when the broadsword was still in the air, when it had already fallen, it was hit by these two coins, and there were two loud bangs! It was very loud, and you could even see sparks flickering on the knife body. The two big men let out a scream, and the big knife flew out directly. The tiger’s mouth of the two executioners cracked, and blood was leaking. It can be seen how powerful these two coins are, it is already more powerful than ordinary bullets!
This sudden change immediately attracted the attention of everyone present. They were all stunned and couldn’t react for a while. I didn’t expect that at this time, someone would dare to come out to stop it. This is not a death-seeking behavior. Well!
The one who reacted most quickly was Jian Rushuang, his eyes sharpened suddenly, like an arrow, shooting towards the crowd!
Soon, other people also slowly reacted, looking around, not knowing why.
Although Lin Ziming took the shot just now, he hid all his breath and didn’t show the slightest murderous aura. Therefore, everyone present, including Jian Rushuang, suddenly found out that it was Lin Zi. Ming.
“what’s going on?”
“How did the two executioners’ broadswords be shaken off? What happened? Has anyone shot it?”
“No, this is Mr. Luo, who dares to oppose the Sword Rushuang Heavenly King.”
“Look, I always feel that something strange will happen…”
All of a sudden, many people began to discuss.
Both Qin Yuehua and Nishang thought they were dead, and they were ready to fall. They could be said to be desperate. When they waited for their heads to fall, they waited for a while and found something was wrong.
Especially the sound just now made them stunned and opened their eyes.
Jian Rushuang squinted his eyes. He is particularly annoyed now. Someone has come out to make trouble, and he will not show him in front of him at all. This is a heinous thing!
He squinted his eyes, his gaze was electric, he shot through the crowd, and said coldly: “Who made the shot just now, stand up for me!”
He is particularly annoyed now, in the Luo Tian organization, there are people who provoke his majesty! If he finds out, he must kill the opponent well, it’s damned!
However, his gaze shot, but no one found out who was causing the trouble, which made him even more annoyed.
Now he was also very embarrassed into anger. Just now, he suddenly became absorbed and focused most of his attention on Qin Yuehua, which caused him to find out the first time.
Everyone present felt Jian Rushuang’s anger, trembling one by one, bowed their heads, and did not dare to look at Jian Rushuang for fear of being misunderstood by Jian Rushuang.
But they are also very curious, who is so courageous, who dares to sing against the sword Rushuang Tianwang at this time?
Jian Rushuang said for a long time, but no one came out, his face became even more ugly, his face was like frost, and his tone of voice exuded a murderous intent, “Why, dare you not be it? I already know who you are. I’ll give you three seconds. If you don’t come out again, don’t blame me for being cruel!”
Three seconds passed, but no one came forward. Jian Rushuang felt very embarrassed. He gritted his teeth, but at this time, he had no other way but to continue waving his hand and let the executioner execute the death sentence.
Nishang’s face changed. Suddenly, she thought of something, her already desperate expression, suddenly excited and full of hope.
And Qin Yuehua, she also realized that this was obviously Lin Ziming here!

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