A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1455

Jian Rushuang’s face was ugly to the extreme.
“Lin Ziming, you have to think clearly. If you dare to do this, you can’t keep your mother and the neon clothes!” Jian Rushuang said this, like thunder billowing, unusually scary and intriguing.
Lin Ziming was not afraid at all. He seemed to have anticipated everything, and said indifferently: “Anyway, I am here and I am ready to bury him. Then, let’s see whose loss is more serious.”
Hearing this, the people around suddenly looked a lot ugly, and stepped back a few steps.
And Jian Rushuang’s face is even more ugly!
He almost dripped out of water. If Lin Ziming really kills here, even with his cultivation level, he can win Lin Ziming, but he will definitely not be able to stop Lin Ziming in a short time.
And with Lin Ziming’s level of cultivation, it was too simple to kill people. In just one minute, Lin Ziming could kill hundreds of people. This kind of loss was beyond his reach.
“Lin Ziming, you are looking for death!” Jian Rushuang stared at Lin Ziming, and at the same time, his mind was running frantically, thinking of a way to make a sudden move to subdue Lin Ziming.
With this distance between him and Lin Ziming, he could reach it in the blink of an eye, and as long as he shot, Lin Ziming would definitely not be able to stop him from killing Qin Yuehua and Nishang.
But he was sure that once he did this, Lin Ziming would definitely go mad, and he would be unbearable for the consequences when he started to kill.
If you want to stop Lin Ziming, there is only one way, that is, His Royal Highness Saint King takes action, as a peerless powerhouse of the God-Through the God Realm, and captures the innate realm Great Perfection, that is a matter of hand.
However, Jian Rushuang could not understand the meaning of His Highness the Holy King now, because it has been a while since Lin Ziming appeared, it is impossible for His Highness to not know.
Even from the moment Lin Ziming stepped into the headquarters, His Royal Highness should be aware of it, but His Royal Highness never made any moves. This behavior made Jian Rushuang unpredictable.
Could it be that His Royal Highness the Holy King showed love to Lin Ziming, or is there any value in Lin Ziming’s body?
In an instant, Jian Rushuang thought about a lot of things in his mind. He wanted to make a move several times, but he stopped.
He stared at Lin Ziming stubbornly, and snorted heavily, “Lin Ziming! You are so brave and dare to be presumptuous in Luotian headquarters. Do you think that you can do anything recklessly when your innate realm is perfected? This is the territory of His Royal Highness. As long as His Royal Highness has a will, you will be torn apart!”
Jian Rushuang deliberately said these words loudly, just to test the holy king.
Lin Ziming didn’t have much reaction after listening, but after Qin Yuehua and Nishang listened, they both frowned and were uneasy, because Jian Rushuang was right. If the holy king makes a move, then Lin Ziming really has no chance at all. some!
The expressions of so many people present also became lively and calmed down a lot. Yes, they have a majestic Holy King, are they afraid that a little Lin Ziming will make waves?
However, at this moment, a voice rang from the sky: “Lin Ziming, are you willing to use your life to exchange your mother Qin Yuehua’s life?”
This voice clearly reached everyone’s ears, and the voice was not too loud, but it was full of majesty, which made people feel shocked and had strong surrender thoughts. Even Lin Ziming, hearing these words in an instant, subconsciously wanted to kneel down, shouting long live.

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