A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1456

Fortunately, his will is very firm, not comparable to ordinary people, he immediately controlled it.
Lin Ziming’s eyes flickered slightly, a little surprised, but as expected, there was some relief in his smile.
“I’m willing.” He said this sentence frankly, in a very flat tone, but the emotion that was rewarded was extremely firm, indomitable, and never regretted.
As soon as his voice fell, Qin Yuehua immediately exclaimed exaggeratedly, “I don’t want to! Luo Tian, ​​if you want to kill or shave, just come at me! Don’t fuck my son!!!”
The voice of the Holy King Luo Tian sounded again: “Between you, only one can live. Either you die or your son dies.”
Heaven is ruthless, and now Luo Tian’s voice is the way of heaven, there is no emotion, the world is inhumane and everything is a dog.
“I die, my son lives!” Qin Yuehua shouted loudly, seeming to have exhausted all her strength.
She still wanted to say something, but Lin Ziming cut her with a hand knife on the back of her neck and fainted. The voice stopped abruptly. Lin Ziming gently laid her on the ground, and then stood up straight. , Said to the sky: “Holy King, I am willing to die for my mother. If you want to do it, then do it.”
Ni Chang bit her lip tightly, and she also stood up and said, “Holy King, Qin Yuehua and Lin Ziming are not guilty of death, the damn person is me, you should put me to death! I am willing to die for them!”
After finishing talking, Nishang knelt down, and she was so weak several times that she also began to kowtow.
Everyone stopped talking, looking up at the sky, it seemed that Holy King Luo Tian was in the clouds.
Lin Ziming spoke again: “Holy King, I know that I killed Nantian King Lei Zhen and made a big mistake. But I am willing to redeem my merits.”
“Are you trying to take the place of the Southern Heavenly King?” The Saint King immediately said, without a trace of hesitation. It seems that he is the smartest person in the world, and no one can hide his thoughts from him.
“Exactly.” Lin Ziming nodded vigorously. This is also the confidence that he dared to single-handedly kill Luo Tian’s headquarters, because he knew that on Junlin Mountain, since the Holy King Luo Tian had said this to him, it means that the Holy King still appreciates him more. . In other words, for the Saint King, it doesn’t matter who is the Nantian King, as long as there is a Nantian King. And since Lin Ziming killed Lei Zhen, it shows that his strength lies with Lei Zhen.
The Saint King was silent, as if he was thinking about it.
So many people on the scene were shocked when they saw this situation. If this is the case, then Lin Ziming will not be punished, but a step forward!
Jian Rushuang’s face suddenly changed. He hadn’t thought that Lin Ziming still had such a hand!
Before Lei Zhen, it was not a big threat to him. He had absolute confidence that he could eat Lei Zhen to death, but Lin Ziming was different. This person’s progress was too fast, just like riding on a rocket. He has never seen anyone who practiced at such a speed.
Once Lin Ziming became the King of Southern Heaven, it was a great threat to him. In two years, it is very likely that Luo Tian will not be the first in the organization!
In any case, he must prevent this from happening.

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