A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1460

If Lin Ziming compares it to an expanding aura, then he is a needle, fast and sharp, that can pierce the balloon at once!
But how could Lin Ziming let him succeed so easily? In fact, at their level, it is no longer a matter of fistwork, but more combat awareness and spiritual gaming.
Lin Ziming’s age is only half that of Jian Rushuang, and in terms of combat experience, he is not as good as Jian Rushuang, but it doesn’t mean that his combat consciousness is inferior to Jian Rushuang. On the contrary, because he took advantage of his age, his brain functioned faster than Jian Rushuang at the same level.
So at zero and one second before Jian Rushuang shot, he caught Jian Rushuang’s thoughts, even if he reacted.
In just one second, they fought no less than a hundred times. Not only was the speed fast, but the strength could reach mountains and rivers. Any punch or kick was not something that could be endured under the Great Perfection of the Innate Realm.
Moreover, their speed is extremely fast, exceeding the speed of sound. The crowd onlookers can only hear the huge movement from them after they see their hands separated.
Bang bang bang bang…
As if countless cannonballs exploded among them, it was extremely terrifying.
But they didn’t stop, and you chased me while they were fighting.
In an instant, everyone couldn’t help holding their breath, and raised their hearts. Nothing else, the battle between Lin Ziming and Jian Rushuang was really terrifying!
Even if they were a few hundred meters away, they could still feel the terrifying lethality between them.
Even the Northern Heavenly King and the Western Heavenly King, both masters of the Innate Realm Dzogchen, saw this scene, and they were equally shocked.
Don’t even think that they are also the Great Perfection of the Innate Realm, but compared with Lin Ziming and Jian Rushuang, there is still a big gap!
Nishang bit her lips tightly throughout the whole process, extremely nervous and uneasy. She put all her hopes on Lin Ziming. If Lin Ziming fails, then she and her aunt will follow suit!
Bang, the last loud bang was when the fists of Lin Ziming and Jian Rushuang collided. This punch poured 90% of their strength, and the power it brought was extremely terrifying. Even they couldn’t bear it. Double the impact force, flying backwards.
Among them, a large pit with a diameter of more than ten meters was actually blasted, and a huge wave of air was generated out of thin air, spreading towards the surroundings.
Lin Ziming laughed, the whole person was very crazy and excited, “Shuang Shuang Shuang! Sword Rushuang, it turns out that you are nothing but that, hahaha.”
He stopped, and then immediately attacked Jian Rushuang without any pause.
He is indeed in a very high mood now. At this moment, he has forgotten everything, his own situation, and his mission, even life and death. There is only sword Rushuang in front of him, defeating sword Rushuang, incarnation. A machine that exists only for combat.
In contrast to his upsurge, Jian Rushuang’s face turned gloomy. Originally, he didn’t have Lin Ziming in his heart, and he absolutely believed in this battle. But the fight just now made him discover that he actually underestimated Lin Ziming!
Especially in the fight with that punch just now, even he himself was knocked and rolled, and Lin Ziming actually seemed to have nothing!

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