A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1461

This is not something that Jian Rushuang can accept.
“Ant, you irritated this seat!” Jian Rushuang snorted heavily. In that moment, his pupils turned black, as if they were dotted with ink, the temperament of the whole person also became huge. The change.
At the same time, his body and appearance have also changed. His appearance has changed rapidly from a young man to a middle-aged man, his appearance is extremely mighty and domineering, and his figure, It also swelled rapidly, and the birthplace grew twenty centimeters higher.
Lin Ziming felt this change in him, and immediately felt a strong sense of crisis. Now Jian Rushuang brought him a sense of danger!
Jian Rushuang is really moving, this is the ultimate mode of Jian Rushuang.
Three beeps.
At this time, everyone in the audience heard three clear heartbeats, full of vitality and explosive power.
This is an incredible thing. The heartbeat is so weak that ordinary people can’t hear it even face to face.
But now, Jian Rushuang’s heartbeat was clearly transmitted to everyone’s ears.
“No, Master Jian Rushuang, this is true!”
“Master Jian Rushuang, this is the unlocking of his seal. Now Lin Ziming is dead. Master Jian Rushuang that unlocks the seal is an invincible existence. Under the realm of Tongshen, who can beat it? Master Guo Jian Rushuang!”
“But Lin Ziming is worth it, he can actually force Master Jian Rushuang to lift his seal and enter the ultimate mode.”
“After all, Lin Ziming is still too young, too arrogant, and defiant. No matter how talented he is, he will be planted in the hands of Master Jian Rushuang.”
All the people present shook their heads and looked at Lin Ziming with regretful, mocking, and gloating eyes.
Nishang also turned pale, with hope.
She had also heard before that the reason Jian Rushuang has been able to maintain the appearance of a young man is because Jian Rushuang’s special techniques have sealed a considerable part of her cultivation. Therefore, the young sword looks like Rushuang, and Not his true strength. But even so, it can crush most of the powerhouses of Dzogchen in the Innate Realm.
And once Jian Rushuang lifts his seal, then it is the ultimate mode, and he can play 120% of his strength!
With the sword in this state like frost, Lin Ziming could say that he had no chance of winning at all.
She bit her lip tightly, and her heart was extremely cold.
Jian Rushuang was also dignified at this time. He did not continue to attack Jian Rushuang, but stopped and stared at Jian Rushuang. His eyes were like radar, shooting Jian Rushuang, quickly finding Jian Rushuang. Frost flaws.
It was too late to say that it was fast, and it took only three seconds from the time when the sword was like a cream and the pupils were black to the end of the seal.
After three seconds, Jian Rushuang has changed from a young man to a middle-aged man in his early forties, tall and burly, majestic, and powerful. This is what Jian Rushuang really looks like.
“Lin Ziming, that’s it.” Jian Rushuang said, and his voice became much rougher. When he looked at Lin Ziming again, his posture became even more arrogant. , The same is the ant.

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