A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1463

“This, this… is terrible…”
“Is this the strength displayed by the Dzogchen of the Innate Realm? It’s not a human being!”
“Isn’t it? We are all so far away, and we can still clearly feel the aftermath of them. If we get closer, we must be harmed by the fish!”
They were shocked and shocked one by one. Even if they were a few hundred meters away, they would still be affected. Even some people who did not react so quickly were directly injured by the flying stones, which was very terrifying.
Even the Northern Heavenly King and the Western Heavenly King, these two supreme powerhouses who are both the innate realm Dzogchen, they can’t help being shocked and in awe now. Especially for Lin Ziming, it was completely unexpected! Before this moment, they had never thought that Lin Ziming would really have the strength to protest against Jian Rushuang. Even if Lin Ziming defeated Lei Zhen, it was far inferior to Jian Rushuang, because they knew exactly how powerful Jian Rushuang was.
The first person in the realm of Tongshen is not just for fun.
Especially now that Jian Rushuang has lifted his seal, showing his peak strength, logically speaking, it is enough to crush Lin Ziming. But the result is that Lin Ziming can actually fight Jian Rushuang to come and go. It can be seen that Lin Ziming really has the ability to challenge Jian Rushuang!
Lin Ziming’s face was calm, he had entered a mysterious and mysterious state, and in a vague way, he had come into contact with something.
Jian Rushuang is indeed very strong, far surpassing Lei Zhen, and he is also the Great Perfection of the Innate Realm, but his strength is at least three times worse! No wonder you can sit firmly in the position of the first person under the realm of the gods.
If before the change, Lin Ziming was definitely not an opponent, but now, Lin Ziming’s strength has also risen, even if he faces the ultimate state of sword Rushuang, he will not fall behind.
As long as the holy king does not interfere, then he will have the confidence to defeat Jian Rushuang!
Bang bang bang bang…
Jian Rushuang’s speed is getting faster and faster, and his fists are getting heavier and heavier. Every punch has a powerful force, even for prehistoric dinosaurs. After changing for any Innate Realm Dzogchen, he would definitely not be able to hold the punch of Jian Rushuang. However, Lin Ziming could count them all. Next, his pupils were ice white, forming a sharp contrast with the black of Jian Rushuang.
Their fighting was really fierce. They fought from the east to the west, and then from the west to the east. The huge hills were all over them, leaving all kinds of potholes on the ground.
After fighting for almost half an hour, such a big mountain actually sank five meters under their battle. How many rocks and mud flew in all directions under their fists!
And the movement they caused was extremely huge, not only spreading throughout the Luotian headquarters, but also spreading to the green mountains and forests. Some travel companions who came to explore all heard this exaggerated movement.
They looked here, wondering what had happened, how could there be such a huge movement.
Jian Rushuang frowned deeply. In his ultimate state, it took him half an hour to win Lin Ziming. This was an incomparable shame to him!
No matter how high his cultivation base is, he is still a 60-year-old man after all. In terms of physical strength, he is still a bit worse than a handsome young man like Lin Ziming. Sure enough, his physical strength is now weak.
Lin Ziming caught it immediately, and the corners of his mouth raised, revealing a non-smiling expression: “Sword Rushuang, your physical strength has declined.”
Jian Rushuang’s face was not very pretty, and he snorted heavily, and said, “I am so proud of myself! I want you to die!”
After speaking, he began to sacrifice his assassin, “Shadow of the sky!”
I saw his eyes widened. At such a moment, his aura changed again, as if he was a giant with a hundred feet, directly up thirty feet, and at the same time, his right hand was facing Lin Ziming from a tricky angle. Take it heavily.
This move was his assassin, the Heaven-shaking Seal, which directly attacked Lin Ziming’s Tianling Gai. Under this palm, even the heavens would be turned over.

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