A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1464

In such an instant, Lin Ziming felt an unprecedented crisis!
Jian Rushuang’s palm is too domineering. If he does not escape, he will definitely be seriously injured, and the consequence of a serious injury is death!
For a master like Jian Rushuang, a single mistake is a fatal flaw.
Lin Ziming’s heart jumped heavily with a thud.
At the same time, the blood in his whole body was running several times faster. The skin of the whole person was reddening. He let out a hilarious cry. In an instant, his mouth opened and he uttered a lion roar at the sword Rushuang. , A huge sound wave spread out from his mouth.
If you change to an ordinary person and are shouted face-to-face by Lin Ziming’s lion roar, the whole person will fly out, the eardrum will directly rupture, the skin will also crack, not only the seven holes will bleed, even the internal organs will have to be broken!
Even a master of the innate realm would definitely not be able to resist Lin Ziming’s roar of the lion. Under the third stage of the cultivation base, his mind would be shocked and he would fall into a short lag, and the lag would end in death.
Even in the fourth stage of the Innate Realm, they would be so frightened that they would be defeated by Lin Ziming.
But for Jian Rushuang, it did not affect him much. He just felt that in an instant, there was a strong sound wave on his face, and at the same time his ears would lose his hearing for two seconds, and his mind would inevitably be shocked, which would affect his movements. , Also caused a slight impact.
That is, this little impact is enough.
Enough for Lin Ziming to react, so that he can concentrate all his strength on his arms, lift it up high, and block Jian Rushuang’s move!
It’s too late to say, then it’s fast, and after so much, it’s actually just something that can’t happen in a blink of an eye.
With a loud bang, like an atomic bomb explosion, a huge sound wave radiated from their center towards the surroundings.
Lin Ziming felt the pain in his hands for an instant, and Jian Rushuang’s move was indeed powerful.
It can be said that he concentrated all the spirits of Jian Rushuang. If it hadn’t been for his previous wave of lion roaring power to stop Jian Rushuang’s slight movements, then he would have been beaten to death now.
After Jian Rushuang finished this move, he found that he was actually blocked by Lin Ziming, his face appeared astonished, and his face paled a lot.
He was very surprised. You know, this trick is his killer. Since his debut, he has never failed before, but now, it is actually blocked by a mere Lin Ziming.
Moreover, the move just now consumed 70% of his energy and energy. It was originally a mortal blow, and he thought that Lin Ziming would definitely fall.
“How is this possible?!” So at this moment, even with a sword-like mood, I couldn’t help but scream out in disbelief.
After playing this trick, his aura immediately declined a lot.
At this moment, Lin Ziming showed a meaningful smile on his face, “The sword is like frost, and now your assassin is used, you don’t have a chance.”
Jian Rushuang felt a huge crisis from Lin Ziming’s body at this moment, his brows fiercely jumped twice, and he went backwards at the fastest speed without hesitation!
However, no matter how fast he retreats, he can’t match Lin Ziming…
I saw that Lin Ziming didn’t have too much movement. He just took a step forward, as if directly ignoring the comfort of the space, and went directly in front of Jian Rushuang. Then, he made a commanding sword Rushuang with astonishment. Unbelievable action!

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