A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1466

Jian Rushuang breathed a sigh of relief, but he was not at all happy because he was defeated, and he was defeated very thoroughly.
Lin Ziming said to Jian Rushuang, “You have lost.”
“Yes, I lost.” Jian Rushuang lowered his head, not knowing what it was like.
Lin Ziming didn’t pay attention to him anymore, but looked at the neon clothes under the mountain and smiled brightly at him.
Nishang was dumbfounded, staying there for almost five seconds before she came back to her senses, big tears flowed down her eyes, and then her body relaxed, and she passed out directly.
Originally, her body was almost at its limit, and she only supported her with one breath. Now that she relaxes, she immediately faints.
Lin Ziming’s face changed, and he quickly went down, hugged the neon clothes, and gave the neon clothes a pulse, and found that the neon clothes were still alive, not dead, so he relaxed a little.
Others present looked at him, full of awe and horror.
Seeing his arrival, they couldn’t help retreating.
Lin Ziming looked up and looked at the sky. Soon, the voice of the holy king came from the sky: “Xuan, Lin Ziming will take up the post of the Southern Territory Heavenly King from now on.”
When Lin Ziming heard this voice, he finally relaxed completely. Fortunately, the Holy King did not break his promise. He finally turned the danger into a breeze and successfully saved both his mother and the neon clothes.
When mother Qin Yuehua woke up, she was shocked a lot when she heard this message, and she couldn’t believe it.
Finally, she was convinced that it was true from Nishang, tears streaming down her face, and tightly holding Lin Ziming’s hand.
Lin Ziming became the King of the Southern Heavens and replaced Lei Zhen’s position. This was a first-class event, not only for him, but also for the Luo Tian organization.
The next day, he organized in Luo Tian and held an appointment ceremony, the scene was very grand.
Except Jian Rushuang, everyone else was present.
Lin Ziming added glory to him at this moment, and there were countless people who came to cheer him up. Even his mother Qin Yuehua and Nishang’s status also rose with the tide.
But Lin Ziming didn’t feel complacent about this, because he knew that his position in the Luo Tian organization was given to him by the sacred king who was above the top and saw the end of the dragon. Once the holy king saw him not pleasing to his eyes, he immediately returned to the prototype.
He had a hunch that the holy king would summon him.
He also wanted to see if this mysterious holy king had three heads and six arms.
On the third day of his tenure as the King of the Southern Territories, he finally received the call of the Holy King.
Mother Qin Yuehua’s expression changed when she heard this message, and she grabbed Lin Ziming and said, “Ziming, you can’t go see him.”
“Why?” Lin Ziming was a little puzzled, could his mother still worry that the Holy King would harm him? With the cultivation base of the Saint King, there is no need to harm him at this time.
But his mother thought about him and couldn’t tell him clearly.
Lin Ziming patted her hand and comforted her a few words. Now the Holy King summoned him, as the Southern Territory King, it is impossible for him not to go.
After he left, Qin Yuehua had a complicated expression and gritted his teeth: “This dead old man has a face to see Ziming…”

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