A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1468

Lin Ziming waited for Luo Tian’s next words, only to find that Luo Tianzheng had spoken again, and for a while, the palace fell into absolute silence.
This palace is so big that even Lin Ziming’s mind can’t help but sway.
After a while, the holy king finally began to speak, “Do you want to become a powerhouse in the realm of gods.”
Hearing this, Lin Ziming was a little stunned. He didn’t expect that Luo Tian would ask him what he meant in the first sentence. Was it to test his ambition, or deliberately cultivate him, or what trap?
At this moment, Lin Ziming’s mind flashed a lot of thoughts. It was not because he was suspicious, but because of this situation. Facing the Holy King Luo Tian, ​​he must be cautious and cautious, pondering every word the Holy King said. What’s the meaning.
He realized that those words are like a tiger with a monarch.
Seeing that he was too late to answer, the Holy King spoke again, “Are you afraid of this seat?”
Lin Ziming didn’t deny it, and nodded: “His Royal Highness, the minister is indeed afraid of you. No, I say that I am afraid. It is better to say that the minister is in awe of you and does not understand you enough.
“You can talk.” There was a slight smile in the voice of the holy king, which made Lin Ziming relax a lot.
“Answer this seat’s question, do you want to become a strong man in the realm of the gods.” The next sentence of the holy king restored his majesty.
Lin Ziming gritted his teeth and said, “Yes!”
At this moment, the holy king fell silent again, and remained silent for a long time, a full ten minutes.
Such a long silence made Lin Ziming start to be nervous again, he was not sure what the Holy King meant, could it be that he had already left? Still said to be asleep.
Finally he couldn’t help it, and asked softly, “His Royal Highness?”
“Tell me about your understanding of Tongshen Realm.” The Saint King’s voice finally sounded again.
Lin Ziming thought for a while and said, “The God-Through the God Realm, also known as King Kong is not bad, the minister guessed that the life form should have changed, the physical body has become tougher, the spirit has become stronger, and the brain development should be infinitely close to 100% development. Brain capacity…”
Lin Ziming had long thought about the difference in the God-Throughout Realm, so he answered without too much hesitation, and answered very smoothly.
After speaking, he waited for the answer from the holy king.
“It seems that you did your homework and answered well.” Sheng Wang said with some appreciation in his tone.
After a pause, the Saint King said again: “But you are only half right. The Spiritual Realm is indeed another life form. The powerful body and the powerful spirit are just one of the manifestations of the Spiritual Realm, the God Realm and the Innate Realm. The biggest difference lies in the primordial spirit. In theory, those who are strong in the spirit level have an infinite life span…”
Hearing this, Lin Ziming’s pupils shrank suddenly, his IQ was not low, and he suddenly wanted to understand the meaning of Saint King’s words!
Even if it was him, his scalp was numb at this moment.

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