A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1469

The biggest difference between the Tongshen Realm and the Xiantian Realm is that the primordial spirit can have an infinite life span…
The first thing Lin Ziming thought of was the word deprivation!
Because he knows that the life span of a person is limited, which is an inevitable law of nature, and even a person who maintains a good health is no match for the erosion of time. Because people are alive, they have to eat, they have to metabolize, cells will age, and body functions will gradually decline.
Even a master of Lin Ziming’s level, he can feel that his body is getting old every day. In theory, his longest life span can live to two hundred years old, but this is also the limit!
And the holy king said that the realm through the gods is immortal, what does this mean?
Apart from the primordial soul seizing the house, Lin Ziming couldn’t think of other reasons!
The known immortal creatures on the earth are jellyfish, but jellyfish are not immortal in the true sense, but after a long period of time, they will transform into new individuals.
It is said that the holy king has lived for nearly two hundred years, and in recent decades, has been in a state of seclusion, almost never born. Before the sword Rushuang went to the Lion Mountain to pick the heaven and earth spiritual fruit, it was ordered by the holy king. The spiritual fruit of heaven and earth can add to the source of human life.
At the age of the Holy King, it is obvious that he has reached the last path of life that humans can reach, and the psychic realm can also leave the soul, and now call Lin Ziming over, isn’t it to take She Lin Ziming! Especially, Lin Ziming is a peerless genius with incomparable talent. He has devoured the spirit fruit of heaven and earth… Especially when he committed such a catastrophe, even the holy king did not execute him, and he also confessed that she was the king of the Southern Territory. Absolutely abnormal, the combination of many elements, Lin Ziming could not help but think about it!
So in an instant, his scalp was numb, the goose bumps all over his body were erected, and his fists were secretly clenched, his nerves tense to the extreme!
What to do, what to do, Lin Ziming’s brain was running frantically at this moment, his heartbeat was almost witty, and his body temperature rose a lot.
If the holy king really wants to take him away, then what should he do and how to get out of trouble? Lin Ziming thought about it for a long time, but he didn’t think of a solution.
He reflexively wants to run, but his reason tells him that it is impossible to run away, and now the Holy King has not shot him, if he runs away, he will probably make the situation worse!
At this moment, the voice of the holy king rang again, and that voice was no longer broadcast in the palace, but appeared directly in his ears!
“You, why don’t you run?”
Hearing this sound, Lin Ziming’s brain exploded, and his whole body began to explode. His body shook fiercely. There was a strong urge to turn around and wanted to run.
But he still held back it, coping with all the changes.
“His Royal Highness, the minister does not understand what you mean.” Lin Ziming quickly calmed himself down. First of all, he can be sure that it is impossible for him to run away in this palace, and he is still not sure, Holy King. He must be taken away.
Suddenly, there was a big laugh from the Holy King in the palace, very hearty and heroic, shaking the whole palace.
When Lin Ziming laughed so loudly, his mind was also shaking, and there was a strong urge to kneel and surrender. However, he still held back tightly.
“Lin Ziming, you are a very interesting person, yes, yes.” The holy king admired Lin Ziming. His operation really made Lin Ziming unclear about his routine.
But he can only show his loyalty, and he said: “Chen, thank you for your praise, His Royal Highness.”
“No wonder you can defeat Jian Rushuang. He also faced today’s scene at the beginning, his face was pale in fright, and he turned and ran away, haha.” The Saint King said teasingly.
After Lin Ziming heard this, he was slightly taken aback, Jian Rushuang was also so scared by the Saint King?

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