A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1470

After a pause, the Saint King said again: “Lin Ziming, come closer, let this seat, take a good look at you.”
When Lin Ziming heard the words, he just relaxed, and he couldn’t help but become nervous, because until now, he has not seen the shadow of the holy king, nor can he feel the existence of the holy king, he has been talking to the air from beginning to end. .
Now the Holy King asked him to come closer, but in front of him, there is nothing there?
Could it be that the holy king has already gone out of his body, in fact, the holy king’s soul is standing in front of him?
Lin Ziming was very upset. Although the Holy King had just expressed that he would not take him away, he had to be wary of it.
“His Royal Highness, the officials don’t understand what you mean.” Lin Ziming walked forward.
The holy king hadn’t spoken, and in the huge palace, he fell into silence again.
Finally, after another minute, the Holy King’s voice reverberated: “Lin Ziming, you look a lot like this grandson. This grandson has been out of touch with this seat for a long time. I miss him very much. .”
Hearing this, Lin Ziming felt even more weird. He looked like Shengwang’s grandson? Isn’t this too weird? He even wondered if the Holy King was entertaining him.
After thinking about it carefully, Lin Ziming still obeyed the holy king’s words and took a few steps forward.
At this moment, there was a breeze blowing in front of him, and it felt like someone was touching him gently. This should have been a very strange and creepy thing. But Lin Ziming couldn’t feel the slightest weirdness, and even he still had an indescribable kindness and enjoyment.
That feeling, it seemed that the elders were really touching his face.
“His Royal Highness, is your grandson still in the world?” Lin Ziming couldn’t help but blurt out.
These words made the Saint King silent. After a while, he said: “This seat is tired, Lin Ziming, you can withdraw.”
Lin Ziming:? ? ?
He was a little bit stunned, this is fine, why did the holy king ask him to retire? The Saint King specially summoned him, and he didn’t say anything, it was inexplicable.
However, Lin Ziming couldn’t understand the holy king’s thoughts, so he couldn’t say anything, nodded and retired.
Leaving the palace and returning to the bottom of the mountain, Lin Ziming was still very confused. This time he saw the Saint King, he was not only puzzled, but even more puzzled.
Mother Qin Yuehua waited at the door. When she saw him coming back, she breathed a sigh of relief. When she caught him, she asked, what the Holy King said to him, Lin Ziming told the truth, and her mother murmured a few words, Lin Zi Mingzhen has heard clearly.
Next, Lin Ziming stayed at Luotian headquarters for two more days, five days in total, before he left with his mother and neon clothes.
Although he is now the King of the Southern Territories, he is still not at ease to keep his mother and Nishang at Luotian headquarters. After all, he now has no idea of ​​figuring out the Holy King.
Lin Ziming really relaxed after returning to Hwaseong.
Thinking of what happened to him in the Luo Tian organization these five days, Lin Ziming felt like he had a dream, and almost couldn’t come back.
“Mom, I am married, I will take you to meet your daughter-in-law now.” Lin Ziming said to his mother with a smile.

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