A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1475

This meeting has been going on for a long time, and not only Xuanyuan No. 3, but Xuanyuan No. 2 and Xuanyuan No. 1 have been visited.
It can be seen from the above that the degree of emphasis on this Kung Fu Cup.
Unfortunately, China’s disadvantages are still great this time. Except for Lin Ziming, there are no players who can do well. The above means that Lin Ziming should not sign up. In this way, if you want to win the championship, It is almost impossible to accomplish.
However, since the above decision has been made, Lin Ziming can’t say anything. I believe that the above also has his own considerations. Sure, at that time, Hua Guo can find the masters of the innate realm of Dzogchen from the people, and represent them to fight.
Coming out of the conference room, Zhao Xia found him and invited him to a banquet together.
“Instructor Lin, there will be an important banquet tomorrow night. The person in charge from Yandu is sent. Let’s go and entertain it together. Are you okay?”
The task of this reception fell on Zhao Xia. Lin Ziming had also heard it at the meeting, but since Zhao Xia invited him, he was unhappy, nodded and agreed.
Zhao Xia was very happy and said, “If you have instructor Lin, you accompany me to participate, then I can rest assured.”
Lin Ziming said with some doubts: “Instructor Zhao, is it because Yandu is here this time, and there is your enemy?”
Based on Lin Ziming’s understanding of Zhao Xia, Zhao Xia would not specially invite him to a banquet like this kind of reception, because what Zhao Xia showed just now was to let him go to the town.
Zhao Xia gave Lin Ziming a thumbs up, and said admiringly: “Instructor Lin is really eye-catching, I know I can’t hide it from you.”
Then, he sighed and said: “This time I came to Yandu. It is indeed a former enemy of mine… In fact, it is not an enemy. When I was young, there had been frictions. Now I see each other. meeting……”
When he said this, he laughed twice. Lin Ziming smiled, and he didn’t want to continue to ask. He is not stupid. He naturally understands what Zhao Xia means. It is nothing more than that the other party is better than Zhao Xia. When Zhao Xia goes by himself, he must Being humiliated, if he went to the town, the situation would be different.
Anyway, he didn’t have anything important to do tomorrow night, smiled and agreed directly.
Zhao Xia finally breathed a sigh of relief when Lin Ziming agreed.
On the second night, Lin Ziming went to a banquet according to what Zhao Xia said.
I heard that this time Yandu came to be a big man with a high position and authority. All the senior officials of the three Xuanyuan offices were very serious and nervous. The reception ceremony was very grand, and even the director Peng Zhuo personally greeted him. Up.
Lin Ziming didn’t go, because he still had to take Chu Fei off work, and after taking Chu Fei, he went to the banquet leisurely.
As soon as he arrived at the hotel, Lin Ziming heard someone complaining.
“Damn, these swallows are all here, it’s too arrogant! We turned a blind eye to Chief Peng, he really regarded him as a big man!”
“Hey, let’s not say that people are big people. In terms of official positions, they are even higher than Chief Peng. Besides, whoever makes people come from Yandu? When they get to the place, they must pretend to be a wave. “

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