A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1487

There is no way to describe the shock in Li Dao’s heart now!
He had never seen such a powerful person. With the punch just now, he seemed to have seen the end of the world, and the sky was about to fall. He had no doubt that the palm of Lin Ziming just now could slap him to death!
You know, how old is Lin Ziming? He is only 28 years old this year, his cultivation is so terrifying?
When he was in Yandu, he had heard that there was an evildoer in Xuanyuan three places. He was so powerful that he had never believed it, but now, he has to believe it, and Lin Ziming just revealed the punch just now. The strength that comes out is even more powerful than the rumors!
As for the others, they were all stunned, afraid to speak, for fear that they would disturb Lin Ziming and cause Lin Ziming’s displeasure.
The people at Xuanyuan Three were excited, and Zhao Xia laughed loudly: “Instructor Lin is mighty! He defeated Li Dao with one punch, hahaha!”
Sun Liang couldn’t help laughing, his face flushed, “Li Dao, what did you say just now, look down on us at Xuanyuan 3, thinking that our instructor Lin was a speculation? How about it, do you still have this opinion now? ?”
Others also ridiculed mercilessly and beat down the dog.
Li Dao’s face was blue and white, and he didn’t dare to refute it. There was no way. The punch Lin Ziming made just now really frightened him, especially now that he feels a heart-piercing pain! The ribs on his chest were all broken and sunken in. If his body wasn’t strong enough, he would have passed out in pain now.
Lin Ziming patted his sleeves, as if he had only done a trivial thing, and said to Peng Zhuo: “Director Peng, do you need to deal with the rest of these people?”
Peng Zhuo was excited, and suddenly he was startled when he heard Lin Ziming’s words.
These are big people from Yandu. A Li Dao’s identity is not too noble, and Li Dao is provocative enough. There is nothing wrong with being injured, but other people are not, especially General Qin, who is a big man, Xuanyuansan. Where would you dare to offend?
As for the people who came to Yandu, they were shocked when they heard Lin Ziming’s words. General Qin including General Qin raised their eyebrows fiercely and became nervous. If Lin Ziming really wanted to treat them Shot, then they really can’t deal with it!
Peng Zhuo quickly said: “No, no, they are all colleagues from Yandu. They are mainly responsible for the holding of this Kung Fu Cup, and they have a cooperative relationship with us.”
General Qin and the others, when they heard Peng Zhuo’s words, couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. They were really afraid that Lin Ziming was a stunned boy, so they went crazy and shot them.
“Really?” Lin Ziming said, and then he didn’t continue to speak. His task has been accomplished. He helped Xuanyuan find the place in the three places. How to negotiate next is the business of Peng Zhuo, Sun Liang and others. .
Because of Lin Ziming’s awe-inspiring a while ago, now Yandu Fang’s camp obviously doesn’t dare to be as arrogant as it was just now, and it has also put away its contempt, and its attitude has become much better involuntarily.
Lin Ziming is sitting on the side, eating quietly, looking very low-key, but no one just ignores him. On the contrary, he has become the focus of the audience without knowing it. Very jealous of him.
“Old Li, what was your situation just now? Why was this kid defeated with one punch?”
“Yes, instructor Li, you are an extremely strong person in the fourth stage of the innate realm. You can’t even beat you in the three tricks of the little Wu Shen. Why did you lose to this surname Lin?”

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