A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1489

Lin Ziming was not too surprised by General Qin’s accusation. After all, the strength he showed just now was not a joke.
He didn’t agree immediately, but first looked at Peng Zhuo. Anyway, Peng Zhuo is his superior, and he still has this emotional intelligence.
Peng Zhuo felt Lin Ziming’s respect for him, and he felt a little warm. He understood that with Lin Ziming’s current ability and potential, his future development would definitely be higher than him. Now Lin Ziming is still asking his opinion and giving it to him. For the face, he was still somewhat grateful.
Peng Zhuo wasn’t a person who didn’t know what was good or bad, he nodded slightly and agreed.
Lin Ziming followed General Qin aside.
General Qin was not a master of the innate realm, his strength was only in the realm of masters, and he could only be regarded as an ordinary person.
Lin Ziming was still a little surprised about this. In his opinion, anyone who could become a general would not be worse off in strength.
General Qin seemed to see Lin Ziming’s doubts. He smiled lightly and said, “I am a general, not a general.”
Hearing this, Lin Ziming immediately understood that General Qin was commanding and strategically powerful. Being able to become a general as an ordinary person shows that General Qin’s ability to lead is particularly outstanding, even a talent.
Otherwise, it would be too easy for an ordinary person to be beheaded on the battlefield.
“I don’t know if General Qin is looking for me, what’s the matter?” Lin Ziming asked directly.
General Qin looked at Lin Ziming, with appreciation in his eyes, and no imaginary hostility. He didn’t have any twists and turns, and he said straightforwardly: “Instructor Lin, you are a great talent. You have fallen in three places in Xuanyuan. Come with me. , I can promote you to lieutenant in five years.”
Hearing this, Lin Ziming was both surprised and not surprised.
He was not surprised that General Qin came to dig him. What was unexpected was that General Qin would dig him on the spot. He thought General Qin would be at least a few days away.
“No, I stayed pretty well in Xuanyuan three places.” Lin Ziming refused without thinking.
General Qin was not angry. He smiled and said, “Instructor Lin, you don’t have to be so anxious to reject me. I am a person who loves talents. A talent like you is a waste of talents in the three places of Xuanyuan. You come to me, I There is a vast space, waiting for you to display it, and then it will become famous all over the world, become the second military god, and accept the admiration of the whole country. It is also a matter of opportunity.”
Lin Ziming smiled, this General Qin really took him stunned, and he drew a big pie for him.
He shook his head and said, “Unfortunately, I am a person who does not want to make progress. I think I am pretty good now. As for what is famous in the world, it is too great, I am not very interested.”
General Qin frowned slightly. He thought that he would get close to Lin Ziming when he went out of a horse. At least Lin Ziming would be impressed. But now Lin Ziming’s performance is completely disinterested, and he simply rejected him.
Don’t think he is a literary general, but his position is not low, and his power is not small. The people he personally pull together are rarely unsuccessful.
Besides, he is a person who loves talents. For a talent like Lin Ziming, he really wants to earn his subordinates.
But Lin Ziming has already said this. He will pass it up again, nodded, and said, “Okay, Instructor Lin, this is my business card. When do you have an idea, you can call me.”
Lin Ziming nodded, and didn’t even reject General Qin’s business card, otherwise it would appear that he was too shameless.
Moreover, General Qin’s influence in Yandu is not small. When he went to Yandu, it was a good thing to be able to make friends with General Qin, and he might be able to help at that time.
Then, the two of them talked for a few more minutes and began to separate.
In general, the conversation tonight has gone smoothly. General Qin is willing to cooperate with Peng Zhuo to run this Kung Fu Cup together!

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