A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1490

After the banquet was over, Peng Zhuo, Sun Liang and others came over to say thank you to Lin Ziming. Lin Ziming waved his hand to signal that they were polite. This was his own business.
Next, Lin Ziming started to get busy, because the Kung Fu Cup was about to be held in one month, and he, as one of the responsible persons, had to follow up the whole process.
And as the date of the Kung Fu Cup approaches, more and more foreign masters have begun to enter the country and come to Province G. Naturally, the three places in Xuanyuan must be monitored.
Taking time out, I went to Yuancheng to accompany Tao Sanniang for two days. Lin Ziming was very satisfied to see Tao Sanniang taking care of the business very well.
However, when he returned from Yuancheng to Hwaseong, he suddenly received an unfamiliar call.
Lin Ziming didn’t pick up at first, but immediately called the number again. After three consecutive calls, Lin Ziming paid attention to the number and found that it was still a pretty number, with 6 8s.
After thinking about it, Lin Ziming answered the phone, “Hello?”
There was no sound on the phone, Lin Ziming frowned, “If you don’t speak, I will hang up.”
There is still no sound.
Lin Ziming directly hung up.
After a while, the phone rang again, the same number as before.
Lin Ziming frowned again. Logically speaking, his current number is known to very few people. It is only known by people around him. Moreover, his number is very well protected. He has never been bound to anything, almost nothing. There are harassing calls. Now there is only one possibility for receiving an unfamiliar number. The other party knows his identity and rushes to him directly.
After thinking about it, he still picked up the phone again. This time, he didn’t speak anymore, waiting for the other side to speak first.
There was silence for ten seconds before speaking over there, “Lin Ziming?”
It’s a woman’s voice, it sounds pretty good, it’s a beautiful woman.
Lin Ziming said, “Who are you?”
Lin Ziming heard this sound a bit familiar, as if he had heard it somewhere, but he couldn’t remember it for a while.
“Is it really you, Lin Ziming, I’m Shangguan Shuyao, I’m in Huacheng, my side…something has happened, can you help me?” The other party’s tone was obvious. The ground is helpless and panicked.
Shangguan Shuyao?
Lin Ziming was stunned when he heard this voice, and soon he finally remembered, Shangguan Shuyao, isn’t it the granddaughter of Shangguan’s great granddaughter whom he saw in the Yandu compound last time, she would still be entangled at that time Lin Ziming said that he would come to Huacheng to find Lin Ziming.
Lin Ziming was still vigilant for a while, but later found out that Shangguan Shuyao didn’t come to him, and slowly he forgot. Unexpectedly, today, I received a call from Shangguan Shuyao, and his tone sounded like he was in trouble.
“What happened to you?” Lin Ziming asked in a deep voice.
In any case, Shangguan Shuyao is the granddaughter of Shangguan Wei’an, and Shangguan Wei’an is kind to him. If Shangguan Shuyao is really in trouble, he still has to help.
Shangguan Shuyao was hesitating, helpless and panicked, begging: “Can you come here? I really need you on my side, please… .”
Lin Ziming thought for a while and agreed.

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