A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1494

“I’m here, how is your side?”
Shangguan Shuyao was a little surprised to hear that, since she called Lin Ziming just now, less than five minutes passed, Lin Ziming actually arrived? She immediately spoke in a gentle voice: “I am waiting for you to come over here…”
On one side, Qin Long, seeing Shangguan Shuyao speaking so softly, even with some obedience, he had never seen Shangguan Shuyao who was so gentle to anyone, and suddenly became furious and furious!
Others also found it incredible. Anyone who knows Shangguan Shuyao knows that she is a very temperamental woman, and she has been so docile to anyone. From this point of view, Shangguan Shuyao is really in love.
As a result, they became more curious about the mysterious boyfriend Shangguan Shuyao.
After a long time, a casually dressed man with a very ordinary temperament walked in from the gate. It wasn’t anyone, but Lin Ziming.
As soon as he came in, Shangguan Shuyao immediately lit up, walked up to him quickly, and yelled sweetly: “Ziming, you are here.”
Suddenly, the men in the audience saw that Shangguan Shuyao was so sweet to a man, they were all envied and hated, especially Qin Long, it was even more uncomfortable. His eyes looked at Lin Ziming coldly, but he wanted Look at what Lin Ziming has the ability to rob him of a woman, Qin Long!
Who is Lin Ziming, his eyes are golden, he took a look, and he knew something was wrong, first of all, there was no danger in Shangguan Shuyao. This dress, this scene, was just a normal banquet. Moreover, the reactions of other people present reflected one thing. They were all hostile to him, especially the men, who made no secret of it.
This is not the first time he has encountered this situation. Obviously, Shangguan Shuyao pulled him out as a shield. What Shangguan Shuyao said on the phone just now was false.
However, Lin Ziming was also not angry, but he was relieved. As long as Shangguan Shuyao had an accident in Huacheng, it was all good. After all, Shangguan Shuyao is the granddaughter of Shangfeng Shangguan Wei’an, and Huacheng is his site. If Shangguan Shuyao really has something to do, he will definitely have to bear some responsibilities.
“This is what you call trouble?” Lin Ziming looked at Shangguan Shuyao lightly, and said.
I don’t know why, Shangguan Shu Yaotian’s character is not afraid of fear, now facing Lin Ziming’s eyes, he is actually nervous, a little scared, as if facing an elder.
“I, I did have trouble. I was not a relative in Huacheng. The only one who can help me is you…” Shangguan Shuyao approached Lin Ziming, her eyes full of pleading and anxiety, it is inevitable. It made people feel the urge to pity and cherish jade.
Lin Ziming didn’t speak, but looked at Shangguan Shuyao indifferently, “I’m sorry, I can’t help you, I’m going back first if I have anything to do.”
After speaking, he turned around and left.
Shangguan Shuyao was stunned for a moment, then gritted her teeth, feeling a little annoyed, she was in Yandu, like a princess, so begging a man, the other party actually ignored her!
However, the more Lin Ziming was like this, the less she could easily let Lin Ziming go.
As soon as she rolled her eyes, her eyes were directly red, and a cloud of mist rose up. She hurried to catch up and took Lin Ziming’s hand, “Ziming, I was wrong. I shouldn’t come here without telling you. Yes, but I assure you that Qin Long and I are really just ordinary friends. I only have you in my heart. Don’t be angry and don’t leave me. Can you please, please…”

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