A Life Upside Down

Chapter: 1495

She said this cautiously, completely doing something wrong, begging her boyfriend for forgiveness.
When Lin Ziming heard her words, he knew immediately that he had been fooled. Shangguan Shuyao called him to come over and there was nothing good, because he deliberately let him be a fly swatter.
When he was in Yandu before, he met Shangguan Shuyao, and knew that Shangguan Shuyao had a very hot temper, and the princess’s personality, so how could he be so coquettish. Besides, he and Shangguan Shuyao are not even friends, at best they are acquaintances.
Lin Ziming’s eyes became colder. Even if Shangguan Shuyao looks a little bit beautiful, she is still a beautiful woman, and she is even Shangguan’s granddaughter, who has a prominent background, but because of this, a man who can chase her, It was definitely not an ordinary person, but also a prominent person with the same background, and Shangguan Shuyao’s approach was clearly to push him onto the fire.
If Lin Ziming had the ability to be tricked by Shangguan Shuyao, he would have to spend his whole life in it.
Sure enough, after seeing the appearance of Shangguan Shuyao by so many people in the audience, everyone’s expressions became different, especially Qin Long. His face is now gloomy and terrible. He clenched his fists and was so angry. The blue veins on the neck are beginning to stand out.
He has never been so embarrassed. In the circle, who didn’t know that he liked Shang Guan Shuyao and pursued it for a long time, but now, there is a man who wins love like this, it is not as simple as slapping his face. Up!
Lin Ziming looked at Shangguan Shuyao with a flat expression, “Miss Shangguan, I don’t know where I have offended you and let you harm me like this?”
Although Lin Ziming was not afraid of Qin Long, he didn’t want to recite this kind of pot.
Besides, he and Shangguan Shuyao were originally in a clean relationship, and it was purely that Shangguan Shuyao was looking for him as a shield.
After speaking, Lin Ziming directly let go of Shangguan Shuyao’s hand and kept his distance.
Qin Long saw this scene, his gloomy face looked much better, and an idea came out in his heart, could it be that the man in front of him was really a shield that Shangguan Shuyao found in order to escape him?
However, Shangguan Shuyao was not exposed. On the contrary, the mist in her eyes increased, and her mouth was pouted. She looked aggrieved, and she almost cried: “Ziming, don’t do this, I It was really not deliberately trying to hide it from you, it was Qin Long and the others kindly invited, and it is hard for me to refuse…Ziming, don’t be angry, okay, please, please…”
I have to say that Shangguan Shuyao’s acting skills are very good. If Lin Ziming’s realm is not high enough, even if I stare at her, I can’t tell that she is acting.
Moreover, Shangguan Shuyao is beautiful, and such a weak appearance will really arouse the protection of men. Suddenly, Lin Ziming can clearly feel that many men present have developed hostility and anger towards him. .
Lin Ziming simply ignored Shangguan Shuyao and directly said to the others in the banquet hall: “Shangguan Shuyao and I are not even friends. Don’t be fooled by her.”
When he explained this way, many people immediately looked at Qin Long, wondering what Qin Long meant.

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